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By soulcalibur posted in Random Thoughts with 5 Comments
Debating Corner - The Far Right.
Into my final year of university, I'm writing my dissertation and doing a variety of exams and essays and what the who not. This year I'm trying to specialise in "The Far Right" (I.e. Ukip, Le Front National, Finns Party etc)

So, why not have a little debate to liven up the site and get your brains a-pumping this Monday evening?

One of my upcoming presentations circles entirely on the far right, its ideology and its workings. So, salad lads - can you tell me:

"Is the far-right an ideologically coherent party family?"

Here's Farage.

By joelxo posted in Current Affairs with 62 Comments
American Horror Story: Freak Show
So As much as I would love to post the singing performance from episode 3 of Jessica Lange Singing I will not due to spoilers for any other people who have not even got that far (I don't even know if episode 1 has even aired over here yet)

But holy hell I am in love with this season already 3 episodes in and it's got more glits and glam than a drag act and all the doom and dark which is classic American Horror Story.

I love the theme they have thrown at this season, my only disappointment is that this is going to be Jessica Lange's last season she truly knows how to sell and make a character

By omgitsmatti posted in Television with 5 Comments
So I AM going to die alone.
According to my therapist, people with my psychological make up are incapable of forming relationships due to paranoia, possessive/obsessive traits and borderline lack of empathy.

I am going to die alone and it is doctor confirmed.

By akumadante12 posted in What happened to me today with 24 Comments
EU demanding an extra £1.7bn from UK. Cam says not paying.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Maggie would be saying "NO! NO! NO!" Mili would probably just hand it over. Cleggy would give them a bit extra. How will Cam fare?

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 63 Comments
Halloween Doc Pic to caption.
specially for Halloween, 1st Doctor meets Dracula.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 6 Comments
Let's share some music
So what are you folks currently constantly banging on repeat?

It's become quite apparent i can easily blast this on repeat whilst I'm showering/getting ready for the night all up until the point I have to leave.

The video is a reminder to what my future brings when I'm turning grey, fat, struggling to get it up and my balls are dragging along the floor.

By omgitsmatti posted in Music with 15 Comments
Im New Here
Any other lads from or near Liverpool?


By jamescharlton posted in Random Thoughts with 8 Comments
Help - Contract Phones

Been trying to get a contract and they all just syaing no dont know why anyone knows an easy places to get accepted.


By alzski posted in Technology with 7 Comments
Kylie minogue has-been
I was talking with my friends the other day about going to see kylie's show when it comes to newcastle and they all said they wouldn't go with me because she's a has been! is this true, when did this happen?

By blonde_paris posted in Music with 1 Comments
Who wants to come keep me company :) and no thats not an invite for sex :)
Hey guys, Looking for company in / near worksop :)

At mine :) come round cuddle up with a film on :) and a nice spoon till the morning :)

Interested :) then message me :) xxx

By benrotherham posted in Wants to hook up with 5 Comments
Phase 3
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Marvel have announced which films will be slotted into their schedule all the way up to May 2019 and it's an impressive and tempting line up of properties.

May 6 2016: Captain America: Civil War
November 4 2016: Doctor Strange
May 5 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
July 28 2017: Thor: Ragnarok
Nov 3 2017: Black Panther
May 4 2018: Avengers: Infinity War Part I
July 6 2018: Captain Marvel
Nov 2 2018: Inhumans
May 3 2019: Avengers: Infinity War Part II

Looks like Iron Man will definitely be in Cap 3 and rumour has it that Benedict Cumberbatch is in final negotiations to play Doctor Strange. So Marvel Phase 3 seems to be fulfilling some long held promises and adding diversity to the MCU with a female and POC led solo films.

In other news WB said something about a few superhero movies last week and no one really cared much. :D

By themonkeybar posted in Film and Cinema with 13 Comments
Something's bothering me
I'm surrounded by Ex's.
Most of which aren't mine.
Most of which are not real.
Thrown around like things to waste,
Described with none other than fallacy.
Love tried and tried,
Then all that is given is a letter for a name,
When at one point that character gave us so much more.
Even its end blessed us.
How are we more deserving than what we feel is deserved
You do not reflect that the Ex's in the mirror.

By cloisterblackm posted in Food for thought with 2 Comments
in the last 4 years...
hey ladslads,
I don't really use this site a lot anymore since starting my transition. I came across this picture the other day, it's from just before I started transitioning and I put it together with one I took the other day, I just wanted to share it because I think it's amazing what you can do when you put your mind too it!

 photo FA0ACC44-BB4E-450F-BF52-1B72B6AEC519_zpswgkmn5sa.jpg

By adamatt posted in Random Thoughts with 19 Comments
Here is some additional proof (a breakthrough) that there is "a life after death".
Also here is a documentary featuring a variety of experiments showing more than 1000 hours of communications witnessed by international renowned scientist to validate that these experiments are genuine.

Many spirits from the other side are trying to contact us on a regular basis through our "thoughts process".

If you have 90 minutes spare, then watch this video and please open your mind to the concept that at least this video has put some doubt into your mind, regarding the after-life.

Here is a life after death revealed.

By soulcalibur posted in Food for thought with 10 Comments
The best so far.

I like Capaldi's Doc more and more each week, the latest story was one of the best since the early 1980s

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 19 Comments
Twitter account! @alt_cooper
Hey lads dont get on here all that often so was wondering if any of you guys are on twitter? if you are follow me @alt_cooper and will follow you back dudes!!

By OxfordGayguy posted in Random Thoughts with 0 Comments
BMA have abandoned negotiations on behalf of junior doctors
Received this email from the British Medical Association with regards to Gov't plans for junior doctor's future contracts. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the matter:

"After a year of negotiations, unreasonable demands from the Government mean it has been impossible to reach agreement on key issues. Negotiations on a new contract for UK doctors in training have stalled.

We entered into discussions with NHSE (NHS Employers) to fight hard for positive changes. We were negotiating for a contract that improves junior doctors’ working lives, is simpler and easier to understand and pays doctors fairly for the work they do.

As a future doctor, the results of these negotiations will affect you when you start work. This is why we are updating you on what has happened.

We sought the views of medical students and junior doctors throughout the negotiations through regular emails, online communities and face to face events. This gave us a clear steer that safe working hours, fair and transparent pay, high quality training and rotas which respect the right to a life outside work were key.

However, over the past year, NHSE and the government have been increasingly focussed on political priorities at the expense of ensuring patient safety and the welfare of junior doctors.

Attracting the brightest and the best to a career in medicine is critical for patients and critical for the NHS. Yet many of the changes that NHSE wanted to introduce risked creating significant disincentives for those considering medicine as a career.

We were unable to reach agreement on the following areas:

• Banding. This supplements a junior doctor’s pay depending on the number and pattern of hours they work. We want a fairer, simpler system but NHSE would not agree to safeguards that would protect junior doctors from working excessive hours

• Working hours. We wanted safe and sustainable working patterns. NHSE’s proposals were not supported by credible evidence and therefore we could not accept them

• Pay progression. NHSE’s proposal could have meant a pay cut of tens of thousands of pounds over the course of a junior doctor’s training. We believe this is unacceptable.

Next steps

Junior doctors are the future of the NHS. The contract is much more than simple terms and conditions of service; it is about high quality training and safe and effective patient care.

We urge the government to work with us to find solutions that are good for patients, fair for doctors and sustainable for the NHS.

Please share your views and raise any issues on our communities.

The BMA website will be updated with more information shortly.

But let’s be clear the BMA will not agree to anything that jeopardises your welfare or the safety of your patients."

By georgedelton posted in Current Affairs with 3 Comments
I Love Black Men
I love black men, I am like obsessed and its not because of the obvious....(BBC) Its just everything about there big builds, there swag there presence it just hypnotizes me and I would love to date a black man.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I want a black man :D

Who else on here likes black men and apart from the obvious (BBC) what do you like most about them?

Let me hear your thoughts :)

By blondebombshell posted in Random Thoughts with 14 Comments
Can You Design A Recording Studio?
We're building our second recording studio but this time in South Wales. We need an architect/acoustic engineer (someone with experience in designing recording studios).

The studio space available is 3,000 sq ft approx. The design will need to incorporate the following rooms:

1. Control Room (8 people)
2. Live Room (Rhythm) (ideally with a screen to divide the room up for more isolation between band members)
3. Function Room/Live Room (for other instrumentation including space for a Bechstein concert grand piano)
4. Vocal Booth (comfortable for 3 people)
5. Green Room with small kitchenette (sink & fridge)
6. Office (2 desks)
7. Office (1 desk)
8. Storage Space
9. Small Machine Room

All details of the construction including materials, dimensions etc will need to be submitted to the construction team. You will also be required to ensure that the building materials needed, fit into the construction budget.

If you think you're the right guy for the job or if you know of someone please message me or email

Thank you!

By melodicstranger posted in Job and Employment with 4 Comments
X Factor Girls Aloud Vs The Spice Girls Week!!!
What we want what we really really want is girl power week on The X Factor With Mel B and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on the panel we need #GirlsAloudVsTheSpiceGirls Week Lets Make it Happen!!!! Twitter: @SpiceGirlsAloud

 photo BeFunky_befunky_artworkjpg_zpsb5753c36.jpg

By petermckb posted in Television with 0 Comments
In the next life, If you could choose to be an animal for a short period of time, then which would y
Just picture this scenario for a short moment!
Imagine for one fleeting moment in eternity, that you had fulfilled your time here on this mortal plain, and your soul had finally left your body.
What if the gatekeeper of the next life, presented you with the glorious opportunity to come back as an some other alternative species for a short period of time, then which random animal, insect, mammal or bird would you choose? and why?

I would personally choose either a 'raven' or a 'crow', because both species are spirit birds (but I can't make up my mind which lol)...

By soulcalibur posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
Refused to talk to a bottom
So I met a guy today, he was cute and everything. We decided to go for a meal. It was so romantic. But 30 minutes after meeting him he told he is a bottom in the bedroom. I gave him a dirty look and walk out the restaurant. Being bottom is just wrong.

By romeo88 posted in What happened to me today with 47 Comments
elephant selfie
once there was an elephant who tried to paint a selfiphant
no, no, I mean an elephone who used a brush not a telephone
dear me, I am not certain quite, that even now I've got it right.
However it was, he used his trunk, and not a mobile telephunk.
I fear I'd better drop this song, of elephop and selfifong

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 1 Comments
This website is dead... is anyone nice and interesting still on here at all? If so, please get in touch. I am thinking about deleting my account altogether.. -.-

By wallmart posted in Random Thoughts with 8 Comments
Wanking on Skype
Anyone want to watch me wank on Skype message me now

By sexylee987 posted in What happened to me today with 6 Comments
WHere should I look to find a heart of gold?
cos I feel like doing some gold-digging ;)

I kinda might be interested in settling for a "heart of silver" but I guess "bronze" will do x

By soulcalibur posted in Random Thoughts with 6 Comments
What kinda message do you portray to those around you?
What message do you like to carry out?




Or are you just living for yourself? Just for your own good?

Do you enjoy shining warmth upon the hearts of others, or are you kinda shy and have you sorta closed yourself down?

Are you seen as a warm or a cold character?

By soulcalibur posted in Random Thoughts with 5 Comments
The Chase
Sorry, another nail in the ladslads coffin as it's Dr Who related (The Chase is a 1960s Dr Who episode title)

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
Losing someone
Like how the frick do you get over shit like this?

This year I lost 2 incredibly close mates to drug misuse, which I would say has sort of scarred me and almost put me in a bad place as I sit here in bed typing away, despite the first one being back in January and the second 3 months ago ish.
It's safe to say I'm not quite entirely over it yet, sometimes I'll just start blaming myself for not being a good friend and offering enough support, then other times I'm looking elsewhere to blame. Which I already know is downward spiral.

Till this year I've never physically lost anyone close to me and I understand just how emotionally devouring it really is

By omgitsmatti posted in Random Thoughts with 8 Comments
Cheesy Selfies
Why don't we do a classic Ladslads Selfies blog to get things moving again!

Post your cheeeeesiest selfies!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By aylesbury posted in Random Thoughts with 3 Comments
Age limit or facial
I just wanna say, some people don't go for some ages, however there are some young boys who look older and older who do look younger..
I believe most people go for face not age.. well apart from very young.. so I believe age is just a number, physical counts..
Am I wrong? :)

By abovethelaw posted in Random Thoughts with 7 Comments
My Dissertation
Hey Everyone I know this seems random but basically, In regards to my Dissertation I have set up a Theatre company and the first piece we have created is titled 'the Hangover Cure' basically it is a farcical lighthearted piece that tackles things like;
Moving to University
Homophobia within the LGBT community

The reason I am posting this is because I am looking for your views on the topics we plan to address

do you think they are over done?
do you agree that homophobia exists amongst the gay community?
do you think we have finally achieved equality in England?
Why are people still afraid to 'come out'?

Our aim to approach the serious topics in a comical way something that isn't often done. but rather than showing homophobia we want to approach the angle of 'self acceptance' and show how our own sexuality is often something alot of people cant personally accept and is one of the main causes of suicide in the gay community rather than actual homophobia...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share any thought you may have as my research is KEY for the project

ALSO the main question is... would this play be something you would consider watching and supporting?

By adamhango posted in Current Affairs with 8 Comments
z77, z97 or x99 addict?
I know some of you guys out there are gaming addicts, couple of questions one generic and the other specific, specific question is well like the blog title says intel z77, z97 or x99 platform addict and to add to that gtx770, gtx780, gtx 780ti or newer gtx 970 or 980? or are you a AMD fan (no pun intended hehe) and now the generic question what's your addictions if any, mine are youtube (linus tech tips, vsauce, good mythical morning, the tek and scishow) pc gaming rigs and coffee to name a few lollllllllings!!!!!!

(and remember don't learn to code, code to learn) xx

By frostybudz posted in Random Thoughts with 0 Comments
Bath Bombs!!!!!
a couple of weeks ago i started a bath bomb making business (sole trader) and its doing rather well so far so all in all I'm quite proud of myself if any one wants to have a looooooksi the look for cj's plush on facebook keep safe all and hope you all have had a nice day :)

By frostybudz posted in Business with 0 Comments
view on marriage
On 20th september I got married to the most wonderful lad ever :) x

Before I met my husband I didnt really want to get married. When I met him I changed my mind but I still knew that not much would change as we love each other exactly the same as before. But now im starting to see a part of what marriage is about. We feel more of a family now rather than a couple/boyfriends. In the next couple of years we are even going to adopt and make our family complete.

What is your thought on marriage?
If you are married then what has changed for you?

:) xxxxx

By love_me posted in General Stuff with 13 Comments
The more things change.. ..
.. .. the more they stay the same.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jo and the Doctor in the tardis 40 years ago, Jo and the Doctor in the tardis now.

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 3 Comments
Online Dating
So as like many of you guys im a member on Hornet and Grindr, but I don't seem to be having any luck at all...I know most people are only on these apps looking for sex but surely theres a small minority that are after something more serious?

I never get any replies from anyone and i've started questioning myself and my profile... what am i doing wrong!? is it my pics? is it the way i start a message?
or is it them being shallow!?

Heres my hornet... its straight to the point and I wouldn't say the photos were that bad!? -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By marc_01 posted in What happened to me today with 18 Comments
The Greatest Show In The Galaxy?
After 3 weeks, do we like the new Doc? And what about today's episode?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 46 Comments
Anyone want to go to Blackpool Zoo?
I want to go :)
Just wondering if anybody else wants to join

By infinitefriend posted in Wants to hook up with 3 Comments
anyone from widnes
Hi anyone from widnes
Messege me looking for chat

By wolrad posted in Wants to hook up with 0 Comments
A new video about thrift/charity shopping :)

By chadnoba posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
Happiness and mood?
I've been having very on/off mood swings lately, what does it take to achieve continual happiness? Or atleast continual toleration of the ebb and flow of things?

In short. How do you control mood swings?

By jononotts posted in Food for thought with 12 Comments
Events Hire in Manchester
I have my first fashion show in October (Yes i know pretty soon) and i need a location for a fashion show in Manchester CC, Does any one know any places i could use or go ?

thanks ;)

By b21b21 posted in What I'm planning to happen with 4 Comments
New to Worksop - Friends maybe more nice company too :)
Hey Guys
Recently moved to worksop to my own place :)

looking for friends and company :) genuine and caring :)

drop me a msg :)


By benrotherham posted in General Stuff with 2 Comments

By chadnoba posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
Dragon Age Inquisition, Character Creator and new Demo.
Bioware streamed the CC and a new demo.

By mikeyboys posted in Technology with 2 Comments
Muscle Men
Is anyone else into muscle guys?

i saw this and hes so hot.

By bigbadiain posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
attracted to Fem guys or Masc?
explain your answer without saying "if i wanted a girl ill date a girl" because both MEN AND WOMEN have masc and fem qualities.

dont get smart just look deep and down and give your honest explanation

By martinportlouis posted in What happened to me today with 4 Comments
proper pissed off thinking about this
how the fuck hasnt sam smith been on the cover of a gay magazine yet
theyd rather put on some naked straight wanker thats done fuck all for gay ppl cos he looks decent naked than put on like the first ever male artist that has come out as gay before he got famous
they rly need to fuck off and fix their shit up
fucking hell

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By dipsy posted in Random Thoughts with 17 Comments
What do you do when you wake up
Whats the first thing you all do when you wake up in the morning?

I usually lay there for a while watching TV while coming around.

So what do you do?

By bigbadiain posted in Random Thoughts with 36 Comments
Ghost videos?
Are ghost videos really taken that serious? Does it always have to come down to whether or not its real or fake. Can people not just enjoy a video regardless. Like this creepy Paranormal activity video for example. What can I say this thing moved by itself. Loads of videos similar on the channel as well.

By hermithimfan posted in Film and Cinema with 1 Comments
Ghost Videos
Are ghost videos really taken that serious? Does it always have to come down to whether or not its real or fake. Can people not just enjoy a video regardless. Like this creepy Paranormal activity video for example. What can I say this thing moved by itself. Loads of videos similar on the channel as well.

By hermithimfan posted in Random Thoughts with 1 Comments
Any sites where I can meet other lads?
I don't know but this site seems dead...


By infinitefriend posted in Wants to hook up with 7 Comments
So my friend and me did the smoothie challenge :)

By chadnoba posted in What happened to me today with 0 Comments
Any web expert in Brighton give me a hand
I work with a charity that has a website created in WIX.

Wix works very well for charities as it is basically free and do-it-yourself.

However the site is very simple and to be truthful very boring. As a marketing man I have been asked to develop the site. I want to add several features such as blogs, e-commerce, and ability to stream and make it password protected in various places.

Is there anyone in Brighton and Hove area who can help me - I do hope so. (I know there was a time when every young gay I spoke to was doing web design - now they are not so visible, not that the help has to be gay!_

By hovenick posted in Job and Employment with 0 Comments
Looking For Job
Hey Guys,

Been Recently Laid off from work so am out looking for work.

Anyone know of any jobs for me,

Catering is what im good at but will do anything.

By newquayboy92 posted in Job and Employment with 8 Comments
another vintage Doc Pic
Caption this one.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 11 Comments
This could be possible within a decade.

(Reuters) - An Acura RLX sedan demonstrated an unusual way to tow another car this week: the vehicles were not physically attached. The second car drove itself, following instructions beamed over by the first in a feat of technology that indicates a new stage in automation is happening faster than many expected.

Systems that enable vehicles to communicate with each other have been developed in recent years in parallel with features that enable cars to drive themselves. Manufacturers and suppliers now are putting the two together in novel ways, with broad implications for vehicle safety and convenience.

General Motors Co, Honda Motor Co, which owns Acura, and other automakers are working with traditional suppliers and startup firms. Tech giants Google, with its pioneering work on driverless cars, and Apple, which is working with automakers to embed greater connectivity in their cars, are accelerating the change.

This is a snippet of an article from:

Could this be the beginning of the end to the genre all public owning a private mode of transport?

Imagine if you will, the future of individual transportation without ever owning a vehicle, without ever needing to pass a driving test, no more sky high insurance costs, no more accidents caused by reckless drivers, no more traffic jams, no traffic lights ANYWHERE.

Here's how it's possible, the cars are driverless, they work by gps and communicating with each other, regulating speed and distance between each unit, the vehicles wouldn't need to stop at junction to allow other vehicles to cross their path, they'd simply alternate between each other.

You pre order a unit to turn up at your location at a time that you want, the predetermined route has already been calculated, you step in, seat down and relax, the unit whisks you to your next location and you step out, the unit then proceeds to its nearest next appointed location, when you wish to return home a unit will be waiting for you at your current destination, anyone with a debit card could travel anywhere, anytime, traffic jam free, in private and stress free.

That just leaves one problem, what the hell is the government going to tax us on once they lose the revenue on fuel duty?

By wotaloss posted in Food for thought with 8 Comments
Don't F*CK Up the Lyrics

I made a new video wiv a wee YouTuber called Calum! WOO!

By mrglow posted in What happened to me today with 8 Comments
what will they think of next?
Is this to make farts smell like roses? see instructions on the price tag

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 6 Comments
Hey Guys,

Does anyone know anyone who is looking for a new tenant...

Please message me with more details etc.

By lukeylush posted in Apartments and Rentals with 0 Comments
any slim smooth bottom lads or full on subs up 4 fin in newcastle/northumberland
im in morpeth
got Skype kik whatsapp etc send contact info if ur game

By bitop69k posted in Wants to hook up with 0 Comments
The Scottish Independence Referendum
So I made a video for the upcoming referendum interviewing people on their thoughts and feelings.

By chadnoba posted in Current Affairs with 169 Comments
A less serious video, compared to my last one. Just Charlie the pug doing some tricks for his biscuits lol.

By chadnoba posted in General Stuff with 4 Comments
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