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do you recognise this nob?

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 6 Comments
thinking bird

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Vegetarians yay or nay

Been asked on a date by a rather attractive guy and I am feeling torn between saying yes (coz he's hot and I would like to get to know him) and the more logical option of saying no because he is a vegetarian which is kinda a non starter for a majorly carnivorous male like myself.

I know I couldn't give up meat , I love it and tend to have it in every meal! 

Is meat eaters dating veggies impossible? 

By alfiebqueenb posted in What happened to me today with 17 Comments
Death Penalty

Who believes in the death penalty?

I for one, firmly believe it should brought back in this country. Murderers should be hung, drawn & quartered. 

It would save the cost of keeping them alive in a prison cell and free up the prison cells for all the other typr of criminals.

By matthewthebeard posted in Random Thoughts with 36 Comments
voting intention.
Which party (if any) will you vote for at the General election, and how does it compare to 2010?

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By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 126 Comments
Is anyone else apart from you in your family gay?

^ Me & Ma Cuz! Much Love 4 Ma Famalam =D x

SOO yeh anyway the only person thats gay in my family apart from me obvz is my cuz (that explains the pic) just incase anyone starts givin me any abuse lol =/

Him and my mum are probably the closest people 2 me in my life at the moment =D I can tell them anythin well apart from i dont talk about lads 2 my mum coz i find it reet weird man =/ so thats 1 of the benefits of havin a gay cousin! I can talk 2 him about lads and all that shizz =D

U lot got any gay relatives? Are u close 2 them?...

By mckenna posted in Random Thoughts with 74 Comments
Lets do a quick poll for fun

Let's do a quick poll for fun of favourite role in sex 

Just comment with TOP or BOTTOM 

Those who like both and are adaptable must pick their favourite

Simple stats exercise out of interest for fun

By alfiebqueenb posted in Random Thoughts with 28 Comments
Best feature?

My blowjob lips obvs. Can't deny they are fit!

What's yours? x

By mckenna posted in Random Thoughts with 32 Comments
Cucumber and banana!
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Has anyone watched the new gay drama series?


By frozentoast posted in Television with 2 Comments
welsh beef
i wonder what is the largest dick in wales ???

By swanseafucker posted in Random Thoughts with 6 Comments
Bjork - Vulnicura
 photo homepage_large9ee25a14.jpg

So Bjork's new album Vulnicura was released early due to a leak and I have been enjoying it's wonderfulness. ;)

It's a brilliant album, not particularly radio friendly but I would say it's more accessible than her last album at least

No official streams but you can listen to at least some of the songs here.

Please tell me what you think if you choose to give it a listen. x

By mikeyboys posted in Music with 2 Comments
Having Children

Ivan Massow, the gay rights campaigner hoping to run for mayor of London has announced that he's going to be dad with a lesbian couple he met online.

Image title

Has anyone thought about being a dad? 

I've reached an age where I kind of think about it more and wonder whether I want to remain childless forever.

Not sure I fancy making a baby with a lesbian couple though.

By cliffy84 posted in Current Affairs with 30 Comments
Body Builders...
Ok so i've never been to the gym before in my life but i've decided today that i'm gunna stop being a lazy fucker and im gunna start going at least 5 times a week.

I don't know where the fuck to start though =/ Need some ideas? What's the best workout plan and diet to follow?

I want to bulk my arms up and tone my body coz i'm a reet skinny cunt at the moment =/


By mckenna posted in Health with 17 Comments
Gran Canaria Gay Pride
I have just booked my my flights,but not my hotel yet,is anyone on here going as well?

By luvhornyfun69 posted in Holidays with 8 Comments
Lads Trip/Meetup?

Hey all,

Remember a few years back when LadsLads used to hold those trips that were so popular? Well, they've still sort of been going on for the past few years, but since a certain member had a row with the organiser, they've not been held through LadsLads anymore. There is cheap weekend break to Blackpool in March, Drayton Manor in August and a European Road Trip in September.

If people are interested, please let me know and I'll send you the link to the website or the facebook page.

These are not hookup trips.

Here are photos from the previous trips:

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By notverynice11 posted in What Im planning to happen with 35 Comments
one year on!

Image title

in the space of a year i can't believe how so much has changed for me!

Left ( closet case)

Middle ( April 14, 18 stone)

Right (New years eve 14, 5 stone lighter)

By londonstudent19 posted in Random Thoughts with 11 Comments
Fax Tax

The WHO reported that “in 2008 1.5 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweight with a Body Mass Index over 25 and that of these 1.5 billion overweight adults, over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese (BMI > 30). Overall, more than one in ten of the world’s adult population was reported to be obese. Once considered a high-income country problem, overweight and obesity are now on the rise in low- and middle- income countries, particularly in urban settings. Close to 35 million overweight children are living in developing countries and 8 million in developed countries.”

The WHO notes that “Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. In addition, 44% of the diabetes burden, 23% of the heart disease burden and between 7% and 41% of certain cancer burdens are attributable to overweight and obesity.”

Since one of the factors that contributes to obesity is the inordinate amount of calories consumed, and given the fact that fats have more than twice as much calories (9 kcal/g) than protein and carbohydrates (4 kcal/g) on a gram basis, could introducing disincentives to fat consumption curb the obesity epidemic?

Should we implement a flat tax on food items high (in excess of 20% of the dailyrequirements) on saturated fats, salt and sugar?

Would this help reduce obesity?

By leonjk90 posted in Food for thought with 15 Comments
skype =^_^=
Anyone 18 to 35
wanna skype chat ? =^_^=
Just inbox me for my naname thing haha :)

By richpur3xd posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
septorhioplasty experience
So im due to have septorhinoplasty in a few weeks and wondered if anyone on here has had similar done and what your experience was like. thanks guys

By dazzarocks posted in Random Thoughts with 7 Comments
hey lads
I've only got inside my mind you know you have made me bind I lie awake and pray that you will look my way I have all this singing in my heart I knew it right from the start oh my pretty boy I love you like I never ever love no before you pretty boy of mined just tell me you love me too oh my pretty boy I need you oh my pretty boy I do let me inside make me stay right besides you I used to wither your name and put in a frame and sometime think hear you call right form bedroom well you stay little while and touch me with your smile and wheat can I say to make you mine to reach out for you in time oh my pretty boy I love you like I never ever loved no one before you pretty boy of mine just tell me you love me too oh my pretty boy I need you oh my pretty boy I do let me inside make me stay right beside you ?

By squadron666 posted in Sports with 4 Comments
Stupid 'discreet' 'straight' guys on craigslist.
What is it with people and technology these days?
These supposed 'straight guys' are so ignorant to how anything works.
Wow you're 'not out' 'discreet' or 'not gay' So your kik name is the same as your Facebook, yep so discreet.
Also the guys who post their mobile number, which then can also link to their Facebook.
Rookie mistakes.

By commanderq posted in Random Thoughts with 3 Comments
This may accidentally be my favourite thing to do when I'm bored now
Probably only applies to iPhone users

Go to type a text, in the suggested words row above your keypad press the middle word at least 25 times and see what you get ;)
Post your results.. If theyre not too boring ;)

The fact I can get it right away with the same thing to say I have a great way of the day before I get a follow back

By cherryfiend posted in Food for thought with 3 Comments
How long should someone wait to date again post breakup?
Hey everyone

Hope you're all well and enjoying 2015 thus far.

To cut a long story short. I split up with my boyfriend at the beginning of December 2014.

For one reason or another we both knew it wasn't gonna work out for the future. We dated nearly a year and he wanted different things out of life than I could offer him.

We will remain good friends I'm sure of it because it ended on good terms and nothing bad happened during the relationship, apart from him having the sex drive of a dead horse. But that's irrelevant lol.

anyway, we were just casually texting a couple of days ago and he then said "sorry cant chat, going on a date, ttyl"

and it just completely knocked me for six.. i got all emotional and felt like my heart was gonna give out.

i dont know why i felt like that to be honest. in that year together we never said the L word, and we didnt even have sex. which I know isnt everything, but i feel it does connect you in some way. But i did like him more than i've liked anyone else.

but the reason i felt upset, was because him moving on that fast has made me feel that the last year was a complete waste. I never felt i was good enough for him, and to me if someone moves on that fast. then they never really liked me.

so, how long is appropriate to wait after breaking up with someone to start dating again?

what are your thoughts....

By jimbobcb posted in Random Thoughts with 26 Comments
Anyone up for some interesting dates?

Send me a message. ;)

By infinitefriend posted in Wants to hook up with 0 Comments
Anyone sen this?

By brabus_s posted in Television with 2 Comments
converting religion for a partner
I have heard a bit about this on radio programs recently

i am just wondering if anyone has done this or would do this for their Mr Right

By drewforyou84 posted in Random Thoughts with 16 Comments
New Site

Has everybody tried the new improved site which is currently in development


By cliffy84 posted in General Stuff with 11 Comments
Judge Judy Nut Job

This is one real nut job on Judge Judy! What a noob!

By hothothot posted in Television with 4 Comments
Lamborghini Crash

How to destroy a supercar completely

Very lucky survivors

Wouldn't want his insurance bill

By matthewthebeard posted in Cars with 3 Comments
I have a girly job! Whats Your Job?
Im a childcar right? well, a nanny to be precise.

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Does anyone have a MANLY job? like mechanic, plumber, electrician or builder etc?

I dont know any gay guys with masculine jobs!... please open my mind to think it IS possible for a guy to have a butch, manly job.

Im not saying being a childcarer makes me a girl, but its hardly a turn on, if you get my meaning.. please enlighten me!

By freestile90 posted in Random Thoughts with 175 Comments
Anne Kirkbride
Shocked and saddened at the death of Anne Kirkbride who played Deirdre in Coronation street for over 40 years.

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By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 14 Comments
Meet a guy off grindr
I met a guy off grindr last night, we had sex and stayed with me all night. Has anyone else done this with a guy they met on grindr?

By elliotrose posted in What happened to me today with 21 Comments
Ice Bucket Challenge '15

Ok I know this is like a year late but a few guys on here and a few of my mates have hounded me to do it. To be fair I've made up for it as it's probably the worse time of year to do it. I was freezing my balls off.

Ice bucket challenge

Post yours or rip me to shreds, it's up to you haha.

By jcbwoi posted in What happened to me today with 7 Comments
Animal cruelty

Was trawling through the tv channels this morning and ended up watching some rspca show.

There was this mad woman on there who hadn't spayed her cat and was allowing it to indescriminately breed to the point where she had 74 cats!!

Most of which were flea infested, inbred, ferel and extremely undernourished.

Unsurprisingly, the rspca took the cats from her but unfortunately due to health issues, every single one had to be put to sleep. This struck me as incredibly sad.

I love animals and have pedigree cats myself. I can't imagine how anyone can be so irresponsible and stupid. 

Who here is an animal lover?

By matthewthebeard posted in Random Thoughts with 3 Comments
Sex Quiz

Came across this quiz, I got "YOU'RE ALMOST TOO GOOD AT SEX"

What does everyone else get?

By leonjk90 posted in Random Thoughts with 2 Comments
sooooo bored! some messages would be lovely!

By renojecht posted in General Stuff with 7 Comments
Mercedes CLK GTR - What a car

Now I know a lot of people will think this looks like a normal car, but trust me its not!

Has anyone seen this car in the flesh or just like me only in the Mercedes museum and online?

By hothothot posted in Cars with 13 Comments
Redundancy will be a good thing for you.

Do you know 4 people that would like $50,000 by 2016,  if yes please contact me.

By steamloco posted in Business with 7 Comments
Farming Today

My best mate is a farmers wife in Kent. She sent me this the other day and it made me smile. Liking the humourous take on a serious topic. Are there any countryside aware chaps on here who can associate with this?

Image title

By leonjk90 posted in Food for thought with 2 Comments
Rooks (Crows) arent as stupid as you thought!
Here a Rook which is like a crow uses the right size stone to access a treat in the box.

here one makes a hook from some wire

and this bbc story

one drops some stones in the riase the water level

By djorgensen posted in Food for thought with 10 Comments
Hi all

For several years I have been attempting to develop ideas for an LGBT TV series. I did Media Production as a degree so I kind of know how to write a series. For several ideas now I've been developing something called 'Proud' about a group of LGBT college students aged around 16-18 years old. This age is chosen as it will be accessible to viewers slightly younger and older than this - think of it as Skins younger sibling.

The idea is to make two 6-8 episode seasons at least. Hopefully!

By L G B T I literally mean Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender; covering the spectrum (and indeed beyond) telling stories that have not been done before on the British screen. Yes Russell T Davies' Cucumber/Banana/Tofu is set to come out this month, but that is primarily about gay men and just one show isn't going to solve the 'lack of LGBT visibility' problem.

Also 'making it about sex' is not a path I want to go down it's been done too often.

I am therefore here to ask what LGBT stories do you think have been ignored on screen in places like soap? This has been my passion project for a long long time now and I am determined to make it right; an informative but engaging series that could perhaps help people; breaking down stereotypes and telling stories that perhaps haven't really been covered before.

If anybody can contribute ideas I would be so very greatful, please feel free to inbox me if you feel you need to.


By danlav05 posted in Television with 20 Comments
Circumcision link to Autism

Read an article today about some recently completed research into a link between circumcision and autism which I found quite interesting. Any thoughts or personal experiences lads?

I for one haven't been done and don't have ASD but my older brother was done and he does have ASD. Not that I'm suggesting that this is conclusive evidence but it's made me think after reading the article as follows:

New research has found that circumcised boys are more likely than intact boys to develop autism spectrum disorder (ASD) before the age of 10.

The risk is particularly high for infantile autism before the age of five, according to researchers in Copenhagen.

The study, carried out in Denmark, included more than 340,000 boys who were born between 1994 and 2003. The researchers, who followed the boys up to the age of nine, found that almost 5,000 cases of ASD were diagnosed.

The study’s findings showed that, regardless of cultural background, circumcised boys may run a greater risk of developing ASD. The researchers noted they also made an unexpected observation of an increased risk of hyperactivity disorder among circumcised boys in non-Muslim families.

“Our investigation was prompted by the combination of recent animal findings linking a single painful injury to lifelong deficits in stress response and a study showing a strong, positive correlation between a country’s neonatal male circumcision rate and its prevalence of ASD in boys,” noted researcher Morten Frisch, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.(Med), of the Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen.

While it is unacceptable today to circumcise boys without proper pain relief, there is no way to eliminate the pain completely, the researchers said, adding that some boys will endure a lot of pain.

Painful experiences in infants have been shown in both animal and human studies to be associated with long-term alterations in pain perception, a characteristic often encountered among children with ASD, the researchers said.

“Possible mechanisms linking early life pain and stress to an increased risk of neurodevelopmental, behavioral, or psychological problems in later life remain incompletely conceptualized,” said Frisch.

“Given the widespread practice of non-therapeutic circumcision in infancy and childhood around the world, our findings should prompt other researchers to examine the possibility that circumcision trauma in infancy or early childhood might carry an increased risk of serious neurodevelopmental and psychological consequences.”

The study was published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

By matthewthebeard posted in Food for thought with 9 Comments
A Christmas Game!

How festive!

By mrglow posted in What happened to me today with 11 Comments
love the new version!
WOW!!! I love the new ladslads (work in progress)!

I just took a quick peek, and it has reduced my age to 33.

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 44 Comments
Slaughtering 12 people because they felt this satirical magazine insulted their prophet

Cowards shooting dead a policeman who lay injured.

By bosef posted in Current Affairs with 97 Comments
How often do you think about killing yourself?
How often is too often?

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By claphamswag posted in Random Thoughts with 84 Comments
what do you class as rape
if you have sex with a guy and youre bottom
and you like it at first and then he starts going too hard and it hurts like fuck
and you tell him to slow down and he doesnt
then you tell him to get off and he doesnt and just tells you to shh
would you class that as rape?

By dipsy posted in Random Thoughts with 58 Comments
I have googled and googled and googled and have absolutely no idea!

Driving my car for a little drive earlier, and suddenly something under the car snapped. By the looks of it with a torch it is the exhaust..

But how much is an exhaust to fix/replace?

I have Peugeot 106.. 1992 model.

Any help much appreciated!

By lukcuz123 posted in Cars with 14 Comments
The Simpsons Quotey Blog.

"No-one's gay for Moleman..."

"Why are you being so selfish, marge? It's uter-US, not uter-YOU!"

You get the idea.


By joelxo posted in Television with 72 Comments
Your Impressions.
I reckon we've got some real voice talent on here (in fact, I know we do) so why don't we all show each other impressions we can do and then we can rip them to shreds for being awful congratulate each other on our talents.

Do impressions of who you like. As long as we know who they are. Impressions of your friend Sarah after she's gotten smashed and called her ex with cheesy chips in her mouth in are not what we're looking for here.

I'll go first.

Audio recording and upload >>

(The New World Order speech was 1991, so "George" was right the first time...)

By joelxo posted in Random Thoughts with 17 Comments
Anyone good at interpreting dreams? What does this mean?
So what I remember from yesterday is that:

- I was in Newcastle, UK, walking to the centre from the train station
- I was on a skateboard (I don't know how to skateboard)
- Was going at furious speed past a 'quiet' main road; I remember seeing gothic architecture and a church
- Turned round at the corner and saw a skater boy, who I asked for directions to Subway (I was starving and needed to eat)
- Next thing, I give him a hug and it felt really warm and we start doing naughty stuff IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MAIN ROAD (bj)!

What can all of this mean?

By infinitefriend posted in What happened to me today with 10 Comments
07/05/15 118 days
With the general election set for May 7th, the big question is, if re-elected will Cameron give the British public an EU referendum, with his eye on keeping his crown, he panders to the will of the public, whilst cozying up to Merkel in a bid to renegotiate Britain's position in the EU, the beads of sweat must have been flowing like Niagara Falls at the EU's announcement that preparations were in place to allow Greece to exit the euro zone and Merkel's off the cuff remark, that Britain's exit would have no significant effect on the EU.
Will he or won't he, my opinion is that he will do a Gordon Brown, by saying the wording has changed so there is no reason for a referendum.
Surrender all hope those that believe in democracy.

By wotaloss posted in Current Affairs with 18 Comments
Je Suis Charlie

The newspaper and TV reporters covering the atrocity - carried out apparently to avenge a long dead ‘prophet’ who has become prone to the gags of mickey-takers and critics due to the absurdities of his followers - all emphasise the point that the right to free speech is not negotiable, and is the very essence of democracy.

And they are right of course. Ridiculous people and ridiculous ideas inevitably attract ridicule. And the most absurd idea still being bandied about in the 21st century as an answer to modern day capitalism and its problems is religion. Despite the claims from its various apologists of their moral superiority, and the insistence that they should be accepted, unchallenged and unquestioned, as examples of how we are to live our lives, they are, in fact, the socially useless remnants of a long-gone world, a world of ancient social conditions and ideas, mass ignorance and superstition. And far from providing answers to today’s problems they have nothing say, other than to tell us to put our faith in the imaginary gods and their magical powers, of an ancient era.

The fact that believers in such gods obviously consider their deities to be so weak and helpless, however, as to need their critics to be silenced by Kalashnikovs says as much about the god’s impotence as does any Charlie Hebdo cartoon.

And, while it seems clear that the intention of the attackers was to silence the critics, this has backfired. Already gatherings of outraged people protesting at the barbarity are taking place all over Europe. More moderate Muslims too, this time more than ever before, are expressing their outrage.

‘Everyone should be offended three times a week’ someone once said, ‘and twice on Sundays’. And that seems about right. There’s nothing like a bit straight talking, and a bit of offence to remind us that not everyone shares the same views. And while believers in ancient myths have every right to feel offended that their ideas are sometimes ridiculed, the rest of us reserve the right to be equally offended at religious stupidity and barbarity.

By james19 posted in Current Affairs with 1 Comments
Would like a BF but...
I just don't think I have the time or energy for a relationship. I'm on year abroad now, then come September it's my final year. Plus I have my uni sport team and improvised comedy group that I'm involved with, add on my mate who can't seem to sort his own life out and comes crying to me when his ex is being a jerk after continuing to go back to him (he's depressed which doesn't help either), add on my own depression and script writing of my comedy show I'm writing, I just don't see me getting a bf at all :/

By adp1 posted in Random Thoughts with 27 Comments
Do you support the GB economy by smoking?

username: [similar to] agreedheavily suggests that 90% of gays smoke. Most gays I know don't. So simple question for a non-scientific survey, do you or not?

As you can't just write yes or no, being too short, it'll have to be

Yes, I do


No, I don't

Simple as that

By gryffe posted in Random Thoughts with 254 Comments
Secretly, isn't this what we want?
I've just read the following anonymous letter sent to The Guardian last weekend and it made me realise that isn't this level of love that we really crave. Trouble is, I reckon most of us fail to realise when we have it and take it all for granted.

By cliffy84 posted in Food for thought with 2 Comments
Anal sex
Really want to try having two cocks in my ass, anyone had experiences of it?

By bradleyr posted in Random Thoughts with 21 Comments
michelle visage to win
cbbmichelle to win celeb bb
follow my fb page support this queen whos a big supporter of the lgbt community
show out support in return for this gay icon =^_^=

By richpur3xd posted in Current Affairs with 2 Comments
Stephen Fry getting married
So it has been revealed that Mr Fry is marrying his toyboy
I never knew his partner was 30yrs younger than him, if I'd known he was interested in a youngster I might have tried to meet him.
Who wouldn't want a rich husband with a very high probability of dying before you and leaving you a nice big legacy with plenty of years to enjoy it?
I must be a cynic but I struggle to believe that Elliot Spencer is really in love

By matthewthebeard posted in Current Affairs with 16 Comments
Anyone from Blackpool
Hi guys, just moved to Blackpool. Can anyone tell me how to enter my postcode as everytime i try it says my address doesnt exist. Thanks guys any help would be great .

By gaka posted in What happened to me today with 3 Comments
Birmingham Pride/ London
Hi, just wanting to get some info.

Me and a friend are thinking of going to Birmingham Pride this weekend, just wanting to know what the gay scene night life is like there? Is there any specific bars and clubs that you would recommend - looking for lively
younger bars with current music.

Where also thinking of trying London Gay Scene out as well, I go to Newcastle's most weekends which is ok and I've also tried Manchester and Blackpool which were ok. I've heard London is the worst for the amount of drugs and sex in toilets etc. Any good bars and clubs in London that you would recommend?


By 16newcastle posted in Scene with 11 Comments
What happened to Isobar?
Do any Hampshire users know what has happened to Isobar in Southampton?
I went there tonight only to find it closed.
Had to settle for The Giddy Bridge instead.

By peekaboo posted in Scene with 6 Comments
Chocolate addictions?
Does anyone here consider themselves a chocaholic? I cant get enough of the stuff - particularly white and milk. During the Christmas period I have been consuming truck loads of the stuff. Unfortunately I have been getting headaches as a result of this addiction -I suspect I get withdrawal symptoms when it comes to sugar. Is there a way to wean off sugar?

By dukesuperstar posted in Food for thought with 4 Comments
I'm Going To... Move To Edinburgh!
So, after a while thinking of travelling the world, etc - I decided against it.
I want to get away from the Borders again, but that doesn't mean I need to run away to the other side of the world!

I've always wanted to live in Edinburgh, I love every day I spend there and I think it's a great idea for me.

I'll be moving at the end of March/start of April.
If anyone knows of any rooms going about then - let me know?
Or if anyone else is moving and fancies buddying up - let me know!

And if anyone wants to go for a pint when I'm up, LET ME KNOW!!


By twohouseholds posted in Apartments and Rentals with 0 Comments
How to spot a loser (allegedly)
The boss isn't in today and I am so I have a little time to trawl the internet in boredom!
Came across this and couldn't resist reading it

How to spot a loser

Talking trash about their exes
Some of us really have dated a slew of ridiculous people (I got all this good advice from somewhere!), but even then, it is a good indicator of class when a person can hold back criticizing their ex on the first date. If they ridicule their past lovers in a way that makes you feel sorry for those people, or their comments are below the belt, take caution. That is a low class thing to do, but it's also an indicator of an emotionally abusive person. There are many other red flags for abusive partners, different than signs they’re a loser. Make sure to educate yourself on those as well.

Playing the blame game
If everything that has gone wrong in their life is someone else's fault, beware. They might be of the victimized mentality. Life can be really hard sometimes, but losers point out others blame and seek sympathy for their innocence. Winners look to themselves to make adjustments first, and are more likely to share with you want they have done to rectify a situation than fish for pity.

No job or poor job history
Unless they are a self-made millionaire that doesn’t need to work any longer, retired, in school, or recently widowed or injured, there is no good excuse for them not to have a job. Sometimes transitions from one job to another can take a while, but if they are chronically jobless, don’t even consider dating them. They are mooching off others, and you will be next! A poor job history indicates someone with little work ethic, undefined goals, and low stamina. If their list of excuses in longer than their resume, don’t invest another minute in them.

There are certain milestones one should conquer before bringing another person on board for the ride. Driving is one of them. If they don’t have a license, they are probably extremely lazy or have some irresponsible behaviour that makes them legally unable to get one. There are a few good excuses not to drive, but if they don’t have one, let them work on that and get back to you. Having a car is another story. If they need one and don’t have one, you could assume that they are in a transition period. Remember that relationships that begin during rough times require care and caution.

Signs of current or recent alcohol or drug issues
If they do any drugs at all, you can make some fairly safe assumptions about where they are on their life journey. Using drugs indicates a low level of maturity and slippery ethics. If you are on the other side of that moral line than your perspective partner, do not even consider a relationship with them. You would be setting yourself up for a world of pain. You will always come second to drugs and alcohol to an addict. Signs are not always evident, especially to the untrained eye. There are many physical, emotional, and social signs of alcohol and drug abuse, too many to list. Educate yourself on the signs to save yourself from being fooled.

Mocks others to impress
If their idea of showing off is making fun of other people, that’s a clue to how interesting they are. Drop them, and teach them a lesson in the meantime. Once you are in a relationship, it’s all good to have some fun counting all the mullets at the county fair, but you’d better know each other well enough to know it is innocent silliness. The line is crossed when the person is poking fun to make themselves look better. When jokes are judgments, they aren’t funny anymore. It signals low self-esteem and lack of self-reflection.

Not friendly with the family
Big red flags should pop up if they don’t get along with their family. It probably goes for both men and women, but I can say for sure that the way a man treats his mother is a good indicator of how he will treat you. If he is kind and loving to her, you might expect him to love you that way as well. Likewise, if he disrespects her, prepare yourself for worst. If he keeps his mother in the dark about his life, he will lie to you as well. Most people have at least one person in their family that is difficult to get along with, but when people are not on speaking terms with many family members, that is usually a clue that they don’t have the skills necessary to have a healthy relationship.

Delinquent parent
Delinquent parents are full of bad excuses. The biggest losers are people who don’t take care of their children.

Too many baby mammas (or daddies)
At some point, one has to be responsible enough to stop having children with people they aren’t committed to. If your date has five children, each a year and a half apart in age, with five different parents, they have earned the title of Stupid and Selfish. They’ve got a lot of smart moves to make before they get off the loser list.

Obsessed with porn
Obsession with porn is detrimental to ones perspective on love and sex. If there is porn in every room, arriving in the mail on a regular basis, or if porn is a regular part of your sex life, it’s probably more than an occasional indulgence. They will need to discover what sex is really about before they will be let out of the loser box.

Shady business
You can tell a lot from how people deal with others, especially when it comes to money and business. If they cheat and lie in that arena, you can bet they will cheat and lie at home as well.

Criminal history
Unfortunately, reform is unlikely for the criminal mind. Repeat criminal behaviour accounts for the vast majority of our prison inmate population. Just a few infractions here and there? Be smart; go with your gut.

By cliffy84 posted in Random Thoughts with 15 Comments
Ladies Looking.
Because if you use Grindr you're an awful human being, but you probably needed women to point out how ridiculous you are and sound.

I mean seriously, you're all awful.

By joelxo posted in Wants to hook up with 22 Comments
here and yet forgotten...
have you ever missed someone,

i don't mean, missed them being around, or missed them as in that feeling you get saying good bye to a long time friend and not knowing when the next time you'll them is.
i mean that feeling you get when you see someone who you haven't even thought about in ages.

that jolt of shock and fear and excitement and panic all rolled together into an intense and sudden start, that you "missed" them, that you didn't even notice that you hadn't thought about them in so long.
Then having that feeling of guilt of anger or pain, that you cant really talk to them ever again.

i had this today. realising that i "forgot" that a friend had died. i must of fed a denial i didn't even realise until seeing their old profile.
its like being told they are gone. only, i can still remember them.....

By dameonofaiolon posted in Random Thoughts with 0 Comments
Can gingers be hot? And Breda Ginger festival
As a ginger myself I don't tend to find gingers hot however I would beg to differ when it comes to Thomas Knight

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Did anyone go to the Breda 'Ginger' Festival last year in September?

By dukesuperstar posted in Food for thought with 21 Comments
worst ever fake?
A server at a pub in Manchester accepted this fake £20 as legal tender. It's 2 bad photocopies of a £20 note back to back, stapled together at the corners.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now, where's my old monopoly set, Im off to Manchester on a pub crawl.

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 1 Comments
HAPPY NEW YEAR LADS! sorry it's late, not been on here for a while, what are you looking forward to in 2015 lads?

atm just the new season of F1 for me lol :) x

By phoenixnotts posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
back on this old thing
Not been on here for a while thing seems to have been a bit quiet

How is everyone festive season good?
Im certainly alot happier
im working now finally a 2 year wait and I have a decent job and joining a gym god I know I need it my life has direction

2015 brought anyone else an amazing start?

By richpur3xd posted in What happened to me today with 7 Comments
spot the mstake.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 12 Comments
Hallelujah cover

Record and upload audio >>

Roughly recorded, out of tune in parts, I learned it and knocked it out in 10 mins, but I enjoyed myself :-)

By bosef posted in Music with 13 Comments
I've never had an experience with a cute guy! Why?
It's made me cry tonight.

I don't know what to do...

What should I do guys?

By infinitefriend posted in Current Affairs with 16 Comments
Welcome me back! Site has a new look? Oohh
After leaving this site for over 2 years, i'm back!

I can see that this place has changed, quite a bit. Is it better or not?

Quite tired of the general (Grindr) world, too many twats on there, lets hope that the numbers aren't the same on here.

You all have much planned for the new year? I can imagine everybody is going out to get drunk, not me unfortunately.. :(

By billy_the_kid21 posted in Random Thoughts with 14 Comments
Can gingers be hot? And the Breda ginger festival
As a ginger myself I don't tend to find gingers hot however I would beg to differ when it comes to Thomas Knight


Did anyone go to the Breda 'Ginger' Festival last year in September?

By dukesuperstar posted in Food for thought with 0 Comments
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