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meet in north staffs. south cheshire. shropshire?
Hey. Firstly im no slag. Infact iv been with one lad in my life. However ;-)
We all have needs, abd i havnt even just met up with a hot lad for a while. And enoughs enough. Lol. So im looking to see whos about n when. Around the south cheshire. North staffs and
Shropshire area to meet up. If you drive. Great. I drive too and so can travel.
im not saying its for a hookup or fun. But hey. If your clean n hot,
Who knows :-D so come on. Get in touch.

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every1 on the x factor is shit
music these days is so fucking shit
like no1 has a great voice
the best singer we have is beyonce and she cant fucking touch mariah or whitney
i wish i was around in the 90s when they had amazing singers

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Do you believe that there is a 'life after death', or is this mortal journey of yours, all there is?

Do you think that once your physical body stops functioning, and the 'candle of life' is blown out and extinguished for all time, that your physical journey is over?

Or do you believe that once the heart stops beating and your mind and body dies, then your soul will leave your body and cross over into the next life, thus beginning a new journey through 'space and time' but on another astral plain?

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Chapter 7 - Not the Bali we expected
When we thought of arriving in Bali, we imagined white sand beaches fringed with palm trees and infinity pools filled with turquoise water. All of this I'm sure is the reality when you're staying at one of the many resorts, the rarity for the backpackers of us is that Bali is Ayia Nappa for the Australians and Bali on the cheap is fairly scruffy, inland however we found a gem that is Ubud.
Take a look and see what you think, has anyone else been to Bali?

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Hot Or Not
Doing this out of boredom :)

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Bestival - Isle of Wight
My follow up to the Reading Festival is going to the Bestival this weekend coming/ There has to be two different festivals and I love em both - Reading because its wall to wall gays (well thats how Grindr would have it) but mostly its good to see so many ppl let their hair down. Sadly the Fridays headliners were a bit disappointing but Saturday and Sunday made up for the let down of Friday. Not that many would have noticed on Friday as the majority were drunk/high out of their heads lol.
Bestival on the other hand has such a variety of music with dance, D&B, Rave plus the main stage with its variety of acts its hard to know what to go to during the day. Plus the Kindergarten factor is eliminated due to the dates of the festival. I'll test Grindr on this one also to see how many gays attend this event in comparison to the Reading Festival!

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Lads Salad alternative gets wiped clean
Now I know this website is actively being monitored. Yesterday I enquired as to what was happening regarding another members attempt at producing an alternative to LL. It even got a couple of comments. I thought it would last at least two months on the home page due to the extremely busy movement of blogs this website is experiencing (not!) And! Lo-and-behold it has been "disappeared", a bit like other past comments and blogs related to this subject.

Shame more time could not be put into managing the running of this site rather than chasing us who would like a good site to be members of!

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The Scottish Independence Referendum
So I made a video for the upcoming referendum interviewing people on their thoughts and feelings.

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Thoughts on drag?
So guy I just wanted to know? What are you thoughts on drag and female impersonators?

Do you love it, hate it, or do you sit on the fence when it comes to this subject? I just wanted to know as it was something i was never interested in until I got a job at the gay bar The factory in stoke on trent I first got into it there and still dress up once in a blue moon for a night out...

what is your opinion of drag queens?

Me in drag!
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Newest user (ish)
Why am I under the heading of newest user??? And have been for the last 2 months?

Even worse - Why does one of the newest users (also been on here for at least a month) get to show his cock rather than his ugly Irish face?

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What demographics still actually use this site?
Used to be trolls and teens now it seems to be older and older trolls

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black and foreign guys
where are all these guys gone, there used to be loads on this site

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Get me Laid I
I know I sound like a slut but I am still a virgin

Applications open from now!

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how not to react to your child when he tell you he's gay

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How do you get laid?
Just wondering how gay guys get laid because I haven't had sex in a long time.

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Is it me?
Or is this site getting dry? I mean, it doesn't seem as popular as before, with the blogs anyway. I remember when there would be a load of new blogs within the same hour. Now it seems that there's only a few in a day lol.

I'm not always on this site but the last couple of times I've logged in its been same old same old.. Just sayin' =D

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Alternative Living
So for a few years now I have been seriously considering giving up my rented flat, buying a camper van and living in that instead.

I like the idea of freedom, I don't feel that I need all the space that I have and renting is just dead money. I figure I could travel the world, or even just the UK or Europe to start with.

Anyone else done this or have any thoughts?

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Don't F*CK Up the Lyrics

I made a new video wiv a wee YouTuber called Calum! WOO!

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Caption this picture
Not done one of these for a couple of months.

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TF Britain doesn't have the right to bear arms.
A nine-year-old girl, on holiday with her parents from New Jersey, accidentally shot dead an instructor with an Uzi 9mm sub-machinegun at the "Bullets and Burgers" range near Las Vegas, Arizona.
Instructor Charlie Vacca, 39, a former soldier, had the girl shoot first on single mode, after she fired several times at a target, Vacca turned the gun to fully automatic, telling the girl: "Turn this leg forward, there you go, just like that. Alright, go ahead and give me one shot. Alriiiiight! Alright full auto...", the girl immediately lost control of the high powered Uzi as it recoiled and jumped skyward, fear maintained her grip as it raised up above her head and at least one bullet struck Vacca in his head. He was airlifted to hospital in Las Vegas where he was pronounced dead.

It is illegal for children under the age of 18 to carry a gun in Arizona but the rule does not apply on private property, or if the youngster is accompanied by a parent or certified instructor.
Gun ranges can make a discretionary decision on whether to instruct children in automatic weapons.
The established practice at most shooting ranges is eight-years-old and up with parental supervision, but it's common for gun ranges to instruct children on weapons like Uzis.
Ronald Scott, an Arizona-based gun safety expert, said "You can't give a nine-year-old an Uzi and expect her to control it, range instructors usually keep their hands on high powered weapons when children are firing them"

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1400 Children Sexually abused in Rotherham
Not one official from the so called police service or the so called social services, who went along with it preferring to turn a blind eye, is going to be sacked or even disciplined for what happened in that town over the recent past, what a sick country the U.K. is, think it's the last country on earth to lecture anyone else about human rights

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Titan Fall Xbox One
Well I finally took the plunge yesterday and bought Xbox One and finally there is a multiplayer online game that works well and seems to cut down on the cheaters. I think I'm going to be enjoying this multiplayer for months to come.

Roll on halo for the Xbox One and Destiny for the PS4.

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A Step Too Far?
A Step Too Far?
The other month I dropped in on a friend on the spur of the moment, I hadn't seen her in while and when I called she was in the middle of having a clear out.
"Where the hell did all these bags come from?"
"There's at least 15 years worth of clothing in them, these were the bags that got dump in the loft and forgotten about"
As we chat away she pulls items out of the bags and throws them on to one of 4 piles, rubbish, charity bin, maybe and keep, she pulls out an denim mini skirt, smiles and says
"Oh I haven't see this in a while, I wore this on my first all girls only holiday" *laughs*
"I had some what of a boyish figure back then, I certainly won't fit in this again" she looks at me, "stand up for second"
As I stand, she smiles "This would fit you, you know, it's a slim 8, thats about a 28" waist in mens, try it on"
I catch the thrown item, smile "I have no desire to look like a woman thanks, I'm happy the way I am"
"I'm glad to hear that, coz you have too much of a masculine face to ever be convincing"
she then launches into 5 minute or so waffle about how men wore skirts before women, in 70% of countries men still wear skirts, and how alienated women were when they first wore trousers, that a vast majority of women that wear jeans/trousers have no desire to be a man nor are they attracted to same sex.
"You're not going to give in till I try it on, are you?"
"You cotton on so quick, jump to it then"
I look at this tube of denim, it's tiny but looks no different to the top half of a pair of jeans, button waist, zip fly, belt loops and 5 pockets.
I step in and pull it up over my jogging bottoms, I tried to do the button up but couldn't, "there, it don't fit, happy?"
"Well it won't over the top of your joggers, pull them down enough just so the skirt sits on your hips"
I do so under protest, the button and fly fasten with ease, with one tug of my joggers, she pulls them down around my ankles, standing there with the legs of my boxers exposed by about an inch below the hem of this tiny skirt, came the words that nearly made me wet myself with laughter,
"You have really nice legs, long, slender, not too muscly nor too thin, your bum's a bit flat and you don't have any hips, but then you're a guy, that skirt was cut for more of a boyish figure, it really suits you, wrap one of your belts around it and couple it with a pair of your tights and you'd carry off that look well"
Despite the wealth of compliments bestowed upon me the skirt came off and wasn't mentioned again until I was leaving, she hands me a plastic bag and says
"Promise me you'll try it on with the tights and belt, see what you think, if you're sure it's not you then just drop it in the charity bin, but try it first"
With half a chuckle and a shaking of my head I say goodbye and promise I'll at least try it on one more time, it stayed in the bag until last weekend when I thought about throwing it in the bin, not wanting to break a promise or having to lie to friend, I took the plunge, so to speak.
The strange thing is, after toying with the look for a while, I kinda like it, what's even stranger is that I have no clue why, I not aroused by the feel or look, it just feels so comfortable.
I think you the jury should decide, YAY or NAY?

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ice bucket challenge
It's not new, Chris Tarrant was doing it nearly 40 years ago.


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to think it still hurts.
Charged my old Iphone up to get some contacts off it and ended up going threw some old messages. Some made me miss things and mostly others reminded me of the shit I went threw in the past.

I dont see how 1 man could have done so much damage to me mentally threw torment and cruel mind games. You think your doing everything ok, doing anything you can. When for that one person everything is never enough and they just want more.

Ive learned threw this, id say im stronger in some ways but then to read it I feel weak how it can still affect me so easily to remember the way i had been treat and spoke to by guys in the past.

Is this life so hard to just find someone and equal in lofe to share and enjoy this exsperiance we are given.

I know this seems a pointless blog im not asking sympathy just empathy from other who see where im coming from if my point of view is understood threw sentimentality of old messages and small keepsakes from a past relationship?

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Prostrate youselves before the world's greatest living mathematician!
Prostrate youselves before the world's greatest living mathematician! (That's ME!)

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At least, that's how I feel when I go into a £ shop. The person at the till invariably looks astounded when I know that my six items add up to £6 without the use of a till or even a pocket calculator.

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I hate Faggots
Have you heard that comment st8 guys do? and its like the main subject they ALWAYS TALK ABOUT!. What do you think about that?

Here is my thoughts

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The Dalek film they never made.
Peter Cushing was to star in a 3rd Dr Who movie based on the Wiliam Hartnell adventure THE CHASE, sadly it was never made. I wonder what it would have beem like. Imagine Christopher Lee as Count Dracula fighting the Daleks.

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Chapter 6! A quick trip to Singapore
So we had a lot of fun here even though there was little we could afford to do. It's definitely worth a visit, a gem at South East Asia's heart

I'll come back one day when I can afford to play with the socialites of Singapore!

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Skype with Gail!
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modified cars / boy racers
Hey. I drive a citroen ds 3. Iv left it standard as its quite a whacky car.
was just wondering if there are any car fanatics out there that modify
Theyre motor and what theyve got. car meets etc...

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Too Much willy
See the NI Bus conductor has his 9" willy up for show in the RH column of members Smooth acting bastard!

Bit like a fishing rod - Hang it out and hope for a bite!

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1 day to go.
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most beautiful man in the world
not even joking

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Do any of you 'gay brothers and sisters' use your 'Tools of awareness?' If so, then what are they?
I guess some of you will say, "aha well my favorite 'tool of awareness' is the 'tool of love', ya see I love myself, isn't that enough?".

Well actually that's not enough because for me, whilst I have traveled along on my journey through space and time, I have realised that one must learn to shine inwardly upon themself, before they can shine outwardly from within.

My major "Tools of awareness" that I shine upon my soul are as follows:-
A) Self-trust
B) Self-respect

1) Love
2) Respect
3) Dignity
4) Composure

Ya see, I have found that what works for me is simply this:-
"As long I have 'self-trust & self-respect', and as long as I continue to 'love myself and respect myself', then in turn I shall find the ability to grace myself with dignity & composure". Then once I have revitalised and garnished myself with the following ingredients :-

A) Self-esteem
B) Confidence
C) Faith
D) Spiritual awareness

then I will have the ability to flourish and grow, and shine outwardly (upon others) and blossom like a flower, as I wander through the garden of life.

The most recent 'tool of awareness' that I have discovered is 'Yearning'. To my surprise I have found that I have a 'yearning desire', and a healthy appetite to educate myself in the field of paranormal activities. Feasting my eyes on subjects that view this amazing world from a different perception is a joy for me, and I am finding this concept riveting.

Some of you may deem that these 'tools of awareness' are values that everyone should carry with them at all times, but one has to consider that even though this may be so, do we all use them or know how to use them?
So tell me something, what are your own personal "Tools of awareness", and do they carry weight, substance and energy, or are these values just empty words or thoughts?

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What's your most soulful, spiritual or inspirational tune?
Please enlighten me if you wish ...

Here's just one of mine.

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Anybody want to meet up toight in Reading
Anybody want to meet up toight in Reading I can travel and also can accommodate. Just looking for oral fun.

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Anybody want to go to Manchester Pride tomorrow?
Anybody want to meet up tomorrow for pride? Hopefully it'll be fun x :)

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meet today newark notts
Looking for a hook up today in newark notts get at me :)

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Question Time!!
Lets have a more interactive blog post shall we? :)

I know let's all do a questionnaire together! That would be so much fun! - said no one ever.

Let's Proceed:

Question One: If you could go to any place in the world where would it be?
Question Two: What would be your dream job?
Question Three: What is/was your biggest hobby?
Question Four: What would you say is your biggest weakness?
Question Five: What is your greatest strength?
Question Six: If you could do any one thing in the world what would it be?

Bonus Question: What's stopping you?

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Inbox me please!!
Someone, anyone please inbox me. I'm bored :(
And does anyone know when there will be a mobile version of LL. Loading the full version is effort :(

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Hand or Arse?
Noooo, I don't want to fuck... I'm happy using my hand if I'm horny, at least there is no danger if contracting an STI but judging by some people's sexual habits - on this site anyway - you're riddled!

What is the ratio of what you use to get some release? Hand and Ass, obviously?? =D

Curious ya see :P

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There's life in the old lady yet!
I couldn't fathom a better blog title...

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Cruising area in Reading
Hey Does anyone know any good cruising area in Reading Berkshire

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Brian Dowling :S
I don't know why, but he just really does get on my nerves (I know,if he is on, then just turn the channel over) but I ain't going to do that if he is on a programme I like.
I just don't get his appeal, he is not funny or even a good presenter really. What do you guys think- that's if your even interested lol.

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A tedious Big Brother Blog. Lol.
I thought I would ask a question. Said question being WHY the FUCK did Helen win? WTF is wrong with people? She was a total bell end I am however thankful that faggot Mark did not. He kind of made me feel ashamed to say I am also gay tbh. But yes. WHY?! Rant over. I like Jale even though her name was spelt AND pronounced wrong. Lol. But yes, your thoughts? Did you watch it?

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Im bored so post random shit :) LOl
im bored so just write random shit :/ lol I have no life :/ LOL

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Mariah Carey Appresh

Can't believe songs like this have slipped me by!

By blossom posted in Music with 5 Comments
This site used to have amazing blogs and i always wanted to laugh and comment on them. Where has all the fun gone? Or is there a new rule on this site :o

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wondering if people from years ago still use ladslads
well ive just managed remeber my password and just wondering if people still use this that i used chat to years ago??

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RIP Robin Williams
I can't believe he is dead! I am devastated. Such a funny and genuine man. RIP Robin Williams, your a true angel now!

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Chapter 5 - Our last week in Malaysia
This one has to be of one of the best places I have ever visited! Such a beautiful, untouched island. Have a watch and see why I liked it so much, I'm sure you'll agree.
Absolute bliss, if you can go then I recommend it whole heartedly. North of the island there are the Perhentian islands, which I heard are very similar and a little more popular with tourists, has anyone been here or to Tioman?


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Orange is the New Black
Is quite possibly my new favourite show. I've marathon'd almost to the end of Season 2 in three days.

Anyone else watch it? Favourite character? I'm torn between Nichols, Morello & Crazy Eyes.

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Hodor. Hodor.



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The Rubberbandits
Just amazing.

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Mind the gap!

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Chapter 4 - Moving on from Thailand and on to Malaysia
Sorry I'm a bit behind in posting the vlogs, asia's wifi isn't the best the world has to offer so you'll have to bare with me :)

Malaysia is one of my favourite places in the world after spending a couple of weeks there, this is the first few days of my stay. Please take a look. Has anyone else been to Malaysia? Any stories?

Instagram - projectsylvester

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Femininity VS Masculinity

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When we were young.
P.S you guys are boring. I rejoined at with the hopes of seeing some familiar faces (funny ones both in the physical and metaphorical sense) or at least reading some stupid blogs that I could troll.
Instead I'm seeing faces that resemble sagging ball bags and blogs along the lines of - ...and then I woke up, it was all a dream.

YAWN. Bring back Mungo.

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Escorted out of Birmingham Pride.....
So.... Me and my partner were in Birmingham for a 21st Birthday in china town... And we decided to check out pride while we were there as he had never been!
We got to the gate and the man told us it was £15 entry each.... So i asked well.... what does that pay for?
He told us entry for everything inside pride.
I thought that was pretty good! Entrance to all the clubs! So i paid for 2 wrist bands!

We got to the nightingale and he wanted to charge us another £10 each entry so we showed him the wrist band and he just looked at us. I explained what the man had told us and he said that was incorrect so i said well i'm not paying £30 to come and walk down a dirty littered street! So i went to get a refund and just carry on elsewhere as it was a bit of a rip off and it had been mis sold.

The security told me they couldnt offer a refund. So i stayed and stood my ground.

I was escorted off and told to "Fuck off sweetheart" By a member of the security staff!
My partner stayed ant spoke to them while i blew off steam because i was fuming! They then escorted him off!

He went back and spoke to them again, a woman on the gate told him to go and speak to the organiser and told us where he would be.
My partner walked down and then a member of the security grabbed him, ripped his band off and escorted him off! Without any worthy cause!

Pride has become such a disgrace to its cause! I will not be going again! It has become an excuse to drink on the streets and rip people off...... im disgusted by it!

By tomy456 posted in What happened to me today with 38 Comments
Male models 18-25 wanted to voluntary photography project

Are you interested in modelling, art and photography?

We are three guys, with an amateur interest in photography and art, wanting to start our first modelling project. We are looking for male models aged 18-25 wanting to volunteer (though we will consider covering travelling expenses within reason, depending on how far you are). You don’t need any previous experience; all we are looking for is interesting faces and enthusiasm!

The project will involve nudity, but please bear in mind it is NOT a pornographic shoot. For more information please get in touch and, if not already on your profile, please provide a couple of pictures, your date of birth and location.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The “Half Bitten Peach” team.

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Is it important for celebrities to come out of the closet?
I only right this now because I was reading a story about one direction. It was basically just a bunch of people saying 'one of them has to be gay' 'they should come out' blah blah blah. A few comments caught my eye. There were people saying its important for them to come out for the gay community and the hope and positive message that could give to gay individuals.
Now, reading this just wound me up. My first irritation with it was the fact that we are all seen as the 'gay community' well I'm not, I don't want to be a part of it, the gay community is nothing to me. I am an individual who is not defined by my sexuality and therefore do not feel like I need to separate myself from others to be a part of the gay community.
Second of all, even if any of them are gay, why the hell does it matter?! Its their own business! Surely they have a right to keep it private if they want. Why can't people just keep to themselves!
I was just wondering what you guys think about this? Oh, sorry if my writing isn't that great, its very late and I'm very tired, therefore my brain isn't exactly firing on all cylinders.

By xashfordx posted in Random Thoughts with 16 Comments
After a week on this site, I'm out again. And here's why.
Inspired as I watch my mother pirouetting to ‘Somebody else’s guy’ by Jocelyn Brown – arguably one of the gayest anthems of all time - I am waging an all-out war against all self-loathing male homosexuals, everywhere.
First, it is always said that to defeat your enemy, you must understand your enemy. And boy do I understand him well, for who could better understand than someone who was at one time, ironically, one’s own enemy? Yes, my own enemy, barring me from happiness and cloaking my life in a comfortable shroud of heterosexual beguilement.
Let’s backtrack to a few years ago, when I was just entering the twenties of my life. At University, swathed in heterosexual friends – too many to count, even - and not a problem in sight in regards to my sexuality. My friends didn’t care, no one in the clubs cared, my classmates didn’t care. As far as I knew, being a bisexual identifying as queer presented no hurdles in my life whatsoever, so why do those gays waggle their fingers; dress like girls; draw attention to themselves; drawing eyes that will ultimately fall on me? It’s their fault, clearly, that I am stereotyped all the time by my friends. It’s not my friends’ fault, I mean, how are they supposed to know better? In fact, it’s my duty as a bisexual queer to alter their perceptions with a real, ‘normal’ guy.
Fastforward four months, to a night where I find myself making out with a guy in one of those ‘safe’ clubs. Little did I know at the time that the scathing looks from two enormous gentlemen, beset with muscles as large as my upper waist, were genuine threats. So I continued, thinking heck if no one seems to care, why do these guys? Fastforward ten minutes to these two men holding me down and beating me. Hitting my face. Making my blood spew forth. One hit after the next. And as I look around, wondering why these men persist, I see the faces and stares of my heterosexual allies. No one helps – just watches. Hell, if they get involved they’re going to get hit too. It’s best not to interfere. After all, this isn’t a gay club – as the bouncer tells me five minutes later, after making sure there were no ‘AIDS’ in the gay blood split on my face. The one person to show me sympathy in this event was my kisser, who was also brutally assaulted to the extent where he needed stitches in A&E. Naturally an awkward guy, and of course, blending easily into straight world, I made light of the event and laughed it off. He didn’t. As I saw him break down into tears, unable to hold back his dismay at being attacked for being gay – it was then that everything changed.
Fastfoward to now, just 3 years later. As I sit and read articles claiming gay problems are ‘over for people in the UK’ I remember the fists crushing the cartilage in my nose and recall this happened only in 2011. Three years ago. This wasn’t twenty years ago. The authors of these articles claim that people like me – flamboyant, extroverted, sassy… and god forbid it… camp – are to blame for the stigma they receive in wider society. Um stop acting like a fucking girl, if I liked girls I’d be straight, right? Without going into why this is a stupid argument other than it ignoring the most principle differences between men and women (think of peeling bananas), I just want to dissect the argument some more. Stop acting like a fucking girl.
So we’re not just talking about bitchy gays here are we? We’re talking about girls. We’re talking about how shameful it is to act like a girl. Still, in 2014. In 2014, there are homosexuals scolding other homosexuals for acting like girls. Seriously, are we still suffering these misogynistic ills even after all the help we’ve received from women in earning our rights? I just cannot fathom why these people are saying this – do they know any history other than Ask Jeeves being more popular than Google at one point in time? Do they know that it was feminine, gay men who *refused* to hide their sexuality and their behaviour. Do they know that these men were beaten? Do they know that these men are still policed for their behaviour? And now – just to add salt to the wound – by their fellow homosexuals whose freedoms were WON BY FEMININE GAY MEN???
I apologize for the gratuitous caps but I really cannot emphasise this latter point enough. These self-loathing homosexuals – myself included in 2011 – are not just guilty of taking their hard-won rights for granted, but they are outright abusing them. Turncoat, straight lovers did not win any rights. They hid their head in the hands and performed their sex acts in strict secrecy. If it weren’t for feminine gay men, you would still be meeting men in alleyways, bushes, bus stops, parks and motel rooms. You would be endangered every time you had sex, because society didn’t want to know anything about the risks you face as gay men. It didn’t give a shit. This was frankly observed in the HIV epidemic where thousands upon thousands of gay men were pretty much allowed to die.
And the plight of self-loathing gay men is that feminine gay men are making people think they’re feminine too? FUCK. Just, fuck. I cannot even decide how my body wants to react to this. Part of me wants to just break down and cry. Other parts of me want to take a mallet and just smash some shit. But none of it will make the disappointment inside of me abate. Disappointment not just in these men who don’t see how their foul words are damaging our people but how I was once one of these people.
It took me being beaten black and blue to realize I was duped by straight world. Is that what it will take for these guys too? Do all these guys have to be attacked to see the truth? I sincerely hope not because if that’s so then it’s truly heartbreaking. I want these men to wake up. We have many straight allies now, and I am thankful for each and every one. Many are my closest and dearest friends. But please, gay men, don’t be disillusioned into believing that everyone is fine with you because if you so much as ‘act gay’ then there are plenty of vocal people out there who will tell you to stop shoving your sexuality in their face.
We’ve got the legal rights now, in the UK. But that’s just the superficial acceptance. We still can’t *act gay* - i.e. not straight - without strange looks and children being drawn behind sight. The propaganda machine is being hardwired into our own damn people. And until the machine is fucking busted up beyond repair – much like every cell phone I’ve owned after a year of partying – then we will never know true freedom as a people.
So this is my message to all you self-loathing gay men. Know that blending into normality does not make your enemies hate you any less for what you are. They still hate you. They just tolerate you because you look and act like they do. They are your enemy, not we.
I leave you with these words as I groove out to a gay man who is the HEIGHT of being defamed for his sexuality, George Michael. Much like the gentle beatings of a butterfly’s wings affecting weather across the world – I am truly sorry (not sorry) for any stereotypes that come around to haunt you because of these actions.


By blossom posted in Random Thoughts with 22 Comments
Need a roomie/place!

Okay, so I have just graduated University, and since leaving my student digs in Eastbourne, I have had to move back into my parents' house. I am now looking to move back to the lovely South, and would like to know if there is anyone that requires a housemate, or anyone that would like to move into a place with me? :)
I'm easy-going, a bit grumpy in the mornings, and a lover of Gin & Tonic.



By farrington posted in Apartments and Rentals with 2 Comments
I just did the unthinkable.
I spent half of one hour typing a text on my phone that I was going to send to my phone. It basically said I am going to fail my fourth year at University, and I am sorry.

Instead of sending it to my friend, I accidentally sent it to my mother.


Awkward conversation upcoming.

By farrington posted in What happened to me today with 8 Comments
Hey Everyone :)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

By billtheboy posted in General Stuff with 10 Comments
Need a Roomie. And a Place!

Okay, so I have just graduated University, and since leaving my student digs in Eastbourne, I have had to move back into my parents' house. I am now looking to move back to the lovely South, and would like to know if there is anyone that requires a housemate, or anyone that would like to move into a place with me? :)
I'm easy-going, a bit grumpy in the mornings, and a lover of Gin & Tonic.



By farrington posted in Apartments and Rentals with 0 Comments
Hey has anyone in noriwch ever been to the freed man pub?? my sister move to that area and we wanted to know if the freed man pub was any good? or if it should be avoided LOL , we went in the last weekend but wasn't very busy, has it ever been a busy place? just wanted some info on it:P

thanks peeps:)


By blondielol89 posted in Random Thoughts with 0 Comments
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