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Be careful what you do on cam.

Its a few years old, but still worth a peek.

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What is wrong with the good old fashioned Gay Social Network
I am a web-developer and my friend and I are partners in a relatively successful web development company. Of late, I have completed a lot of my base coding work and am looking to take on a new personal project to fill the gaps between the day job and other large projects.

This is where you guys come in.

I have seen a lot of posts recently complaining about how this site has gone down hill and I know what you guys mean.

This got me thinking.....

There are other Gay Social Networks out there that offer lots of different things for different guys/girls, some free some paid for and they are all great in there own way but, and here is the question.....

What do you guys want from an Online Gay Social Network??

I am looking to design and build a Gay Social Network and would like some thoughts from you guys as to what you want from the ideal site.

Pictures, profiles, messages, blogs etc. Any features or must haves that you want but can't find one site that offers it all?

Please comment and let me know!

I will also be looking for some help with it from time to time, so if you are interested in sharing your ideas or fancy helping me out with my new pet project, drop me a message or comment here.

Thanks Peeps!

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I hate Faggots
Have you heard that comment st8 guys do? and its like the main subject they ALWAYS TALK ABOUT!. What do you think about that?

Here is my thoughts

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Apple is driving me crazy!!!
So i bought this mac about 2 months ago, Didnt really get along with it.
It had issues, Keyboard stopped working, Its crashed a couple of times. Email app tells me my email accounts dont exist which means i cant leave it open because of its non stop pinging (It actually does download my emails though...... From the accounts it informs me dont exist)

I was told to do a restore on it back to factory and got an instruction guide and now its just not even loading at all..... Disk Utility tells me that it cant do the restore, The Restore tells me it cant do the restore, It wont let me format it to then do the restore, It wont let me mount or unmount the drive.... Not quite sure why you would unmount it anyway.... ?

I bought this brand new and i'm really disapointed with it :(
Everybody said it would be great for doing my work on.... Clearly those people dont actually use their macs for anything important.

Great for checking facebook or itunes but other than that its just an expensive paperweight :(

Anybody else had any issues or know what i can do to perhaps make it work again?

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Chapter 3 - The Full Moon Party
The third in my series of travelling vlogs . . .
I'm having an incredible time, met some amazing people already and I can't wait for my next destination. Have a watch, tell me what you think and check out my instagram too if you're interested for some more bits from my travels

Sam :)

Instagram - projectsylvester

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Where are all the super chubby lads
Like the titles asks: Where are all the super chubby lads.

I though the bear and cubs community were full of big fat rugged me that love to feed, played with and f**ked by other men.

But all there seems to be is just skinny bean pole lads here, why?

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My Coming Out Story
so here is my coming out story!

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Interesting Features...
So was messing around on snapchat earlier and noticed my eyes looked particularly vibrant in colour today ( I know they physically can't change colour...but i swear they do)

Anyways...I have a ring of a gold like colour around my pupil and I've never seen or not noticed,at least, anyone else who has this so it got me thinking...

Do you guys have any interesting features that you've not noticed on anyone else you've met? Or simply whats the favourite part of you?

Please keep it clean!! haha

Anyways, as I thought they looked particularly bright today I thought Id take a snap to prove my point although the gold part round the pupil isn't the most obvious cos of reflections...

I can promise you this pic is completely unedited though :) (apart from a bit of cropping to keep the rest of my ugly mug out haha)

 photo image_zpsea4fa51f.jpg

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Serious relationships
So ive been with my fella for 3 years, and then on Saturday just gone, he thought it would be a good idea to go with one of my friends that ive been mates with for 16 years, after i caught them both at it behind the garden shed dont get me wrong there were both drunk, he basically said, he was only with me cause he had no where else to go (I Found this embarrassing because i was in front of all my friends).....Now am i in the right the end the relationship because i feel used or should i try and work things out.....bare in mind these 3 years have been the most unhappy time of my life.....and i feel as if it would be a long time before i find a decent guy who actually wants to settle down......

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Hot bulges... and cute asses...
I really have BIG trouble whenever I come across a hot bulge or cute ass when I'm out and about.
I love to freeball, but tight boxer briefs are needed for modesty's sake! How many of you have the same likes, and problems?
Even posting 100s of hot sexy speedo and undie pics to my tumblr blog (cocklovermark) doesn't stop me springing a boner, anytime, anyplace...
What gets you guys hot? Do you have an unruly cock with a mind of it's own?

By onehandmark posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments


I'm heading across to belfast on the 31/07/2014 - 03/08/2014 - I'm staying near the scene but I'm coming across myself so I can just do what the hell I want.

Misha B is performing :) Eeek!

Let me know what you are all to, maybe I can meet some for a drink or two and then hit pride :)

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By bigdroo posted in Scene with 2 Comments
young lads in herts essex into older
hi looking for young lads for some fun,

By mobile1 posted in Wants to hook up with 2 Comments

I'm heading across to belfast on the 31/07/2014 - 03/08/2014 - I'm staying near the scene but I'm coming across myself so I can just do what the hell I want.

Misha B is performing :) Eeek!

Let me know what you are all to, maybe I can meet some for a drink or two and then hit pride :)


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Your favorite PJ Harvey song?
Count cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: count

By mikeyboys posted in Music with 19 Comments
before you complain about the heat.. .. ..
.. .. .. remember we get this in a few weeks

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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so we are changing time zones for europe!?
"AN OIREACHTAS COMMITTEE has passed a change in law to allow Ireland to move to the Central European Time Zone.
It has been argued that moving the clocks forward by one hour could result in trade benefits, a boost to tourism and a drop in crime.
A new piece of legislation on the table now would allow the move on a three year trial period and then permanently if it worked out. A referendum on the matter to be held in the coming months."

i'm all for getting rid of daylight savings, but is this to much? The latest polling figures disagree with me :/

By boxty posted in Current Affairs with 14 Comments
Keep Calm
 photo 7Hdwt.jpg

By bosef posted in Random Thoughts with 19 Comments
Backpacking Asia - Chapter 2
For those of you who enjoyed my first entry, here is the second. Following myself around Bangkok and on to destination two! Having a great time so far, I'm posting some bits on my instagram too if you care to take a look . . . @projectsylvester

Give me your feedback and let me know of any tips you can share about backpacking or any funny travel stories you may have.


By projectsylveste posted in Holidays with 2 Comments
Backpacking - Chapter 1
I'm not sure how many (if any) this will interest but I decided to start a vlog about my travelling so friends and family could keep up with what I'm doing and so I have something interesting to look back on other than just a photo album.

This is the first of hopefully a lot more. Take a look and let me know what you think!

By projectsylveste posted in Holidays with 5 Comments
is it weird that i dont want a bf
bit sick of single mates going on about how they need a bf or gf
i never ever felt like i need a bf
ive never wanted one n ive never had one
why are people so desperate to get in relationships???

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Spare Wheels
Since Vauxhall are very good these days at not supplying a spare wheel when you buy a new car, I ideally want to keep the spare wheel I have now and put it in my new car if I decide to get it.

So the question is this really the car I might be getting will have 17 inch alloy wheels, it's probably a higher spec Corsa I will be going for, the spare wheel I have is a standard 15 inch steel wheel, would I be able to put that on the car should I damage a wheel or have a puncture? Also does it break any law as if I did have a puncture and replaced the wheel would I be allowed to have 3 17 inch alloys on and 1 15 inch standard wheel?

If I don't need to I don't want to give it over to the dealer and I don't want to have to buy another. I've had two punctures in the driving past where centres have had to order a tyre and I'm used to having a spare wheel and I think these silly puncture kits Vauxhall put in as standard mean your tyre can't be repaired anyway etc.

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Hope There's Someone (Live) X
Hello all, I recorded a cover of this stunning song a few years ago and with my new camera I thought i'd put up a recent live version. Apologies for the massive dildo mic and if you want to see all my imperfections watch it in High Quality.

Vangelis X

Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -

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Stick a fork in me for I am DONE
I don't really use this site much, whenever I do, I wish I hadn't bothered so in the probably event of me deleting my account, I thought I'd say so long, farewell and all the best to absolutely everyone whether you're a cunt or not. Thanks for all the entertainment, debate, the compliments, profile views and so on. But i'm abandoning the sinking ship that is LL. Hope everyone finds happiness, peace and love, good luck with everything and be happy :-)

If you'd like to stay in touch my skype is sam.cain5 or

in true Sam Lewis style a photo of me, feel free to hate or whatever, old habits die hard for old bitches i know X

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See you all at the 10 year Reunion!

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stick a pork chopin me i'm DONE
I'm sick of being fat down with burgers!!!!!!!! i lost 2 stone doing muay thai i'm on my way back baby. look out boys this fattish boy is out for prey rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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DEVON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi ladz how r u all??

im on my way 2 devon on the 2/08/14 4 2weeks wot is there 2 get up2....

any gd nite clubs 2 try out??

let me kno plz

ta jon

By jon1985 posted in Random Thoughts with 5 Comments
School Reunion!
In my last year at school, all my classmates decided to keep in touch for as long as possible and agreed to have an annual reunion. After all these years, we still meet every July. The numbers have gradually declined a little, but there are still enough of us to have a good get-together. Its tradition that when we meet, every person has to greet every other person, and it has to be in a particular way - when 2 men greet they shake hands, when 2 women greet they kiss, when a man and woman greet they shake hands AND kiss. At the latest meeting there were more men than women and there were 242 handshakes.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How many kisses were there? (if 2 people greet with multiple kisses, it only counts once)

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 7 Comments
the algarve
has anyone been to the algarve?

if so where about`s did you go ?

any recommendations ?

im thinking of going in late September and would like to know which is best, im not bothered about the clubs etc.. just want somewhere to get away for a week.

By diesel2k posted in Holidays with 5 Comments
reading area meet .
hey any one want to meet up for a few drinks or anything in reading today?

By jon111 posted in Wants to hook up with 2 Comments
The bellybutton blog
I'm personally creeped out by outies,

I'm an innie, what are you?

an outie?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Or an innie?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By seanshine posted in Random Thoughts with 99 Comments
The name of The Doctor
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What does YOUR name mean? Go on, give it a try just for no reason at all.

This is what I got.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 4 Comments
5 weeks to go!
will it be like this?

By gallifrey posted in What happened to me today with 4 Comments
Drinks in London
Hi, just wondered if anyone wanted to meet for a drink in London sometime. Want expand my social life as most of my mates are straight. I know this will probably end in a fail but lets see

Anyway if interested give me message

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Your virginity
I do not mean to bang on about sex but I was thinking about my virginity the other day and how chronically dull it was kloosing it. LOL Basically an old friend of mine set me up on a blind date and I meet him and proceeded to get very drunk purely to block his painfully dull personality out and ended up sleeping with him later that night an amusing yet highly awkward situation occurred too. The guy I was sleeping with [Tyler] lived with his parent and his elder brother who walked in on us. I wanted to DIE there and then. But anyway. Your story? Was it funny? Awkward? Do you regret it? I do certainly he was black and had a disappointingly TINY penis probably a blessing in the situation but disappointing nonetheless. But yeah your story?

By lookme posted in Random Thoughts with 19 Comments
Please help

Hello all. Firstly I want to apologise for putting a downer on the readers mood but I have no one to talk to.

Five years ago I met someone , I fell In love with him, and we dated for five years. Every day my love grew stronger for him to the point where I cannot begin to see life without him. We had our fights and our ups and downs but I never stopped loving him and need wanted anyone else but him. 7months ago, things took a turn, he told me that he loved me but wanted a chance to meet other guys, not for sex but for potential boyfriends etc, needless to say my life has been crushed. I planned so many things with him, we are ... Or were... At the point of getting our own house and a morgage together and now this....

I love him more than anything and I don't want to loose him, I managed to hold things together when this all came out 7months ago but since then I have seen a change in he way he looks at me , the things he does, the way he treats me. As I write this I'm in tears because I know what you all will say deep down... But I just don't know what to do... Do I try to make things work? Should I move on ? I moved out to kent to be with him, I have a job here and I don't know what will happen if we break up... I've never lived on my own before, I lived with parents until I met him, and out here I have no one. What do I do? :(

By john20202001 posted in What I'm planning to happen with 12 Comments
Arab men
A new interest of mine...
Sadly, I don't know any Arab guys but I think the exceptionally handsome ones are amongst the hottest of men.
I want to pursue this interest so if you're an Arab man why not say hi?

And now, demo time:
1. Deep in thought as to the amount of product in my hair:

2. Placing my hand behind my head to make my bicep pop:

3. I'm the cute and innocent one but sometimes I let loose as is evident by my awesome tattoo and the canals I loiter by.

4. Never gonna happen:

5. They call me 'Bed destroyer'

6. Made you jizz!

Which one gets your vote?

By taurusr posted in Random Thoughts with 32 Comments
My Big Brother 2014 Parody

Anyone watch big brother? I'm sure you do ;)

By vladguy16 posted in Television with 13 Comments
who's on kik
Hi everyone who's on kik add me hornbyinit

By 9inchat19 posted in Wants to hook up with 1 Comments
The Marvel Cinematic Universe Blog.
Already halfway through phase 2, I think it's about time we start collecting everything we know about the upcoming films together.

So far we've had phase 1: (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and Marvel Avengers Assemble) as well as Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World.

We also have Agents of SHIELD, but we won't talk about that.

Everything you could possibly want on the universe can be found in here. Trailers for upcoming films, gossip and whatever you thought of the most recent. It'll be a blog to live on for centuries.

So. Thor: The Dark World - what did we think?

WARNING. There will be spoilers.

By joelxo posted in Film and Cinema with 79 Comments
Ladies Looking.
Because if you use Grindr you're an awful human being, but you probably needed women to point out how ridiculous you are and sound.

I mean seriously, you're all awful.

By joelxo posted in Wants to hook up with 13 Comments
Amanda Barrie - International Star of Stage and Screen
Ladslads hero Amanda Barrie is to marry her long term girlfriend. YAY for Amanda!

By xydrogen posted in Television with 24 Comments
The mighty EU
This establishment is a controversial subject with many extreme opinions.
I personally fully support the EU and someday would like it to become our central government to reduce efficiency through all the governments together.

what do people think economically and politically ?

By vincent1010 posted in Current Affairs with 29 Comments
For X & Y users

You know what to do.

By equinox posted in Random Thoughts with 4 Comments
bored 2nite
Add me 2 Skype lads,

By moodboythestud posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
Lads with big pieces of meat ;)
So come on lads how big are you down stairs ;)

By 2011stud posted in Random Thoughts with 15 Comments
add me 2 skype
add me 2 Skype -

By moodboythestud posted in General Stuff with 1 Comments
DA:I E3 demo part 2
Part 2 of the E3 Demo is up!

By mikeyboys posted in Technology with 6 Comments
Woooah, what happened here?
So I've not been on this website for coming on two years now... I was stuck in a relationship and yes I use the word stuck quite literally, for most of 2013.

Any way when I left which I did with ease because it was the same old ''Do you guys think I'm pretty!?" or some rage videos of people getting high and yelling at each other. It was intolerable is all I'm saying but there was always new content, new blogs, new stuff to sift through and silently hate.

What's happened!? Where's everybody gone, I've seen the same set of blogs circling the front page for a week now with like 1 comment added! Has everyone jumped ship somewhere else or did everyone go straight? I feel like I've missed some catastrophic event and I want the details!

I do remember it was mandatory for a picture to make a blog more readable. So here's a recent picture of me being an nob flexing my oh so obvious biceps.

By lukehmwah posted in Random Thoughts with 100 Comments
Any Gaymers out there ?!

Hey bros! Anyone on steam? play LOL? WoW ? hearthstone? Tera ? Neverwinter ??

I am sooo bored and I want more gaymer friends >.<

By vampretta posted in Technology with 8 Comments
Torquay Visit

I'm visiting Torquay on the first weekend of August for a break.

Looking to arrange some meets while I'm down there with some guys into similar stuff - speedos, swimwear, underwear and sportswear.

Message me if you're interested? I'll be able to accom or travel while there :)

By twink1234 posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
hi lads
hey how's everyone today up to much ? xx

By bottomfuckme posted in General Stuff with 2 Comments
bf advice
So I've kind of got a bf - we met online and get on really well. We're seeing each other, but not official yet - simply because I'm not out.
So he's a very very nice person, and I like him alot.
However, I've done a terrible thing. This guy is still on the website we met, and I told him (without suspicion) months ago that I liked the new pics he uploaded to it - he said that they were for me.
So I didn't get suspicious back then, and was pretty content that we were seeing each other discreetly - I even suggested that if he met someoene nice that was open, that he could try dating them - as I felt bad keeping it a secret.

However, this week I did something terrible and posed as someone else on the site. I noticed he'd made additional changes and I was wondering the point of it. I simply asked him what he was looking for - he said dating. I asked about previous bfs and I didn't come in to the equation.

We've both been bad I guess. Should I just cut off with him? We wasn't extremely serious or official. I guess I just hate the fact that he said I was special to him - he even said that he wanted to get more serious and move in together when things got rolling. He did say that he wouldn't consider anyone else. what should i do?

By johnny12 posted in Random Thoughts with 7 Comments
Pride prep... So much to bedazzle, so little time!
Does anyone else suffer with "last-minute-itis"?

Tomorrow is Bourne Free, my town's Pride event. This year's theme is "Decades" as it's its 10th year.

I've got bits and pieces of my outfit "ready" but not assembled as in having it all in one place. My jeans are altered and are on my bedroom floor. My black mesh tshirt is in my wardrobe. And my combat shirt is somewhere in my chest of drawers.

I still have to polish my boots, sterilise safety pins for the purposes of using as temporary earrings, work out which belt etc. to go with the outfit... And give myself a pink faux/mohawk hybrid.

If you haven't guessed, I'm doing 80's PUNK :D

At least a DIY 'do will look more authentic should it go wrong. I'm normally pretty good at cutting my hair (even more so when I'm slightly sloshed). But I've never attempted anything so technical.

So yeah... I need to start getting all my shiz together, gotta leave the house at 9.30 tomorrow morning for the parade, and will probably be out until the small hours. I have trouble getting to sleep "early" at the best of times so not sure how getting up super-duper early will work. Can't be any worse than the year I went out pre-partying on the Friday, stayed in a club lock-in until 6am, got a McDonald's burger for breakfast on the way home, showered and changed, then headed out for the whole of Saturday and got back home around 6am Sunday morning.


Anyone else looking forward to celebrating Pride (if you haven't already)?

By danno90 posted in What I'm planning to happen with 6 Comments
skype addys
need new addys 4 Skype. inbox me your addys or add me on

By moodboythestud posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
Impromptu Chat Party.
Yeah, you heard! Get into the chatroom now for my impromptu chat party!

Here's the link (it's even a clicky so you don't have to waste any time):

I should probably point out the impromptu party is on the 8/7/2014, knowing this blog will hang around on the homepage for a good 3 weeks.

By joelxo posted in General Stuff with 7 Comments
Need a room to rent in Wandsworth
Hey Everyone

I found out that I have been employed in a com near Wandsworth High Street, which is good, however, due to the distance and cost of petrol, I need to find a place to live nearby.

If any one has a spare room and are happy for a young hard working lad, to rent the room out please message me :)

Hope to find a place soon x

By appreciatoroffa posted in Apartments and Rentals with 0 Comments
Im bored so post random shit :) LOl
im bored so just write random shit :/ lol I have no life :/ LOL

By lookme posted in Random Thoughts with 19 Comments
trying to find an old friend
Hi there lads not been on here for a long time trying to find and old friend on here iv been to his profike thst I used to chat to him via but he hasnt been on it for a long time now it was 'feelingit' like I said he hasnt been on for a long time so if anyone knows who is is and can help me I would appreciate it alot thanks lads happy hunting :)

By geehg posted in What I'm planning to happen with 0 Comments
Why is this site so broken?
I know activity on the site has been very low recently, I presume it's because this site is so broken! How can LadsLads run as a business if they don't put the time and effort to fix the many bugs on this site!!

By kyle87uk posted in Current Affairs with 10 Comments
I Do Poems and Shizz...
Sooo yeah I write poetry.. anyone else here enjoy this pass time?

Here's some of my latest stuff:

p.s I also write songs and shizz..

Roses are Red, Violets are blue...



..I happy to have spent this quality time with you.

By cloisterblackm posted in Random Thoughts with 3 Comments
Glasgow pint or 3?
Anyone in glasgow fancy a pint or 3?

By daddy40 posted in General Stuff with 7 Comments
Dragon Age: Inquisition, Demo part 1
Bioware release part one of their E3 demo. Hopefully we will see the rest at some point.

Looking pretty awesome for a crossgen alpha build, but as a fan I am biased I guess.

What do you think?

Hopefully the rest of the demo will be uploaded, the part one makes it seem likely, the full demo is apparently 35-40 mins. I know most of the information about the game that has been released so if anyone has any questions about it ask in the comments. xx

By mikeyboys posted in Technology with 2 Comments
Friendship + Anxiety
I'm a twenty-one year old, freelance-writer who suffers from social anxiety.

My job is home-based, I'm not in any form of education at the moment or involved in any social activities. I live with my boyfriend of 9 months and two of his friends.

Let me clarify that when I say anxiety I do not mean I am shy, in-fact I'm quite the opposite; I'm so out-there that people think I'm trying too hard and I usually am. Anxiety is a per-person condition even though the situation is the same; some turn to nervous shakes, others to paranoia, others to rambling, others to complete shut-down and sometimes we have a mixture.

So I now live in Caerphilly, Wales - close to Cardiff. My boyfriend works a 9-5 job, he doesn't enjoy nightlife; his friends are similar. I haven't managed to form a "You're my friend too" relationship with his friends although we do have a laugh from time to time. They'll always be his friends; that's the way it is.

My problem here is finding a way to make friends. The obvious choice is the internet which I'm trying but I'm in a new place in which the only people I know are connected to my partner and I want friends I can have my own life with away from my relationship. Then, if I ever do happen to come across someone who is willing to allow me into their circle and invite me out I suffer from my anxiety. I ramble, I talk nonsense and I drink a little too much a little too fast in order to calm myself. This is a poor portrait I paint of myself on my first friendship-dates; I'm not like that once you get to know me (maybe i have a good ramble every so often) however it's something that's hard to avoid due to my nerves the first time I meet someone.

So internet. Help, give me advice, locals of Cardiff introduce yourself.

I like video games, fried chicken and pop-punk music.

By craigorton posted in What happened to me today with 12 Comments
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