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who would you most like to get into bed with?
logan lerman, or matthew werkmeister?

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My mouth is on fire!
When food is described as "hot" its usually a bit of a let down, but this stuff was like eating glowing embers! I just ate some a few minutes ago and I was gasping for air with tears streaming down my face.

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It should come with a "warning" on the packet.

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Jeremy Clarkson officially sacked form the BBC

jeremy clarkson photo: No windshield avatar_clarkson_01.png

More details below

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horrible infanticide
Just been reading in the news (ok admittedly, this was the daily mail so its likely to be a tad exaggerated and right wing)about some mad woman who got post natal depression, decided her 3 week old baby girl was a devil in disguise and decapitated her after stabbing her multiple times!
Where the hell is the social support that should have prevented this tragedy?

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The more I read the news, the more atheist I become

Just been reading an article about an incrediably selfish b$tch of a mother who felt her faith for a really stupid religion was more important than the tiny helpless indivdual she had created and just brought into this (somewhat horrible) world (even more horrible without a mother). WTF was she thinking?!

New Mother Chooses Death Over Life-Saving Blood Transfusion; Fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses Praise Her Faith

March 24, 2015 by 192 Comments

We know that Jehovah’s Witnesses are forbidden from receiving blood transfusions, even if it’s necessary to save their lives. While I think that’s ridiculous, I generally don’t care if people refuse those transfusions, focusing my rage instead on people who allow their children to die because of their religious beliefs.

But this story makes me reconsider all that.

A JW mother named Michelle recently gave birth to a girl, Emma Marie, but she lost a lot of blood in the process. Normally, blood transfusions prevent this from being a life-threatening issue, but Michelle refused… and her life ended soon afterwards.

Read more:

Well while delivering Emma; Michelle lost a lot of blood. So much so that she needed a blood transfusion. Michelle refused. Even after having a tube inserted in her and not being able to speak… She signed NO BLOOD. Our dear sister despite finally having the baby she’s wanted for such a long time, remained loyal to the end.

The other comments on the post praise her devotion with nobody asking the obvious question: “WTF?! Doesn’t anyone else see a problem with this?!”

John Cedars, a longtime JW watchdog, can’t believe this is still happening:

As a former Witness, it is shocking to think I would once have either tried excusing or endorsing such mindless comments, or even offered similar sentiments myself. If the coercion in Watchtower literature is potent enough to allow a mother to excuse herself from her baby daughter’s life out of misplaced feelings of loyalty, it is certainly strong enough to make an otherwise intelligent person try to rationalize such a senseless loss of precious human life and put a positive spin on it.

I can only hope that little Emma Marie doesn’t grow up to blame herself, or her mother, for what has happened. Blame for this outrage lies squarely on the shoulders of a group of deluded, cloistered men in Brooklyn who have the power to save lives right now by lifting the needless ban on blood, but refuse to.

Don’t expect the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses to make any changes anytime soon. Religious leaders cherish tradition over common sense, even if it means saving a mother’s life.

Read more:

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Come chat guys :)
Hello guys :)

I am always looking to chat with new people so hit me up!!


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What do you guys think of EXTREME Vegans?
Me and My HighCarbHealth friend did this collab on Extreme vegans

collab = when to youtubers make videos together

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I'd like to watch some Anime :-)
Good evening,

I know it's late, but I'm a little addicted to Anime films at the minute and I'm really in the mood to watch one. Could any of you kind gents recommend any for me to watch? Thank you

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Dolphins are not the sweet creatures you think they are!

Found this article very interesting and amusing! Certainly a good kick in the teeth for all those idiots who dream of dolphin hugging and such like

Image title

The Dark Secrets That Dolphins Don't Want You to Know


By Miriam Goldstein

It never fails. Every single cocktail party, as soon as someone finds out that I'm a graduate student studying marine biology, they ask, "So, do you get to play with dolphins?" Since my heart is as black and cold as the oceanic abyss, I usually take this opportunity to disillusion yet another poor soul of their childhood fantasy of Mystical Dolphin Love .


Dolphins are not gentle or psychic. If they could talk they would not impart eco-wisdom or deep spiritual truth. Dolphins are violent predators with a predilection for baby killing and rape. I feel it's my duty to warn you, despite the risk of insulting creatures made of hundreds of pounds of muscle and rows of sharp teeth. Throw out your rainbow dolphin painting , and check out dolphins' low-down dirty secrets:

--Dolphin sex can be violent and coercive. Gangs of two or three male bottlenose dolphins isolate a single female from the pod and forcibly mate with her, sometimes for weeks at a time. To keep her in line, they make aggressive noises, threatening movements, and even smack her around with their tails. And if she tries to swim away, they chase her down. Horny dolphins have also been known to target human swimmers -Demi Moore is rumored to have had a close encounter of the finny kind.

--Dolphins kill harbor porpoise babies. In Scotland, scientists found baby harbor porpoises washed up with horrific internal injuries. They thought the porpoises might have been killed by weapons tests until they found the toothmarks. Later, dolphins were caught on film pulping the baby porpoises-the dolphins even used their ecolocation to aim their blow at the porpoises' vital organs.

--Dolphins kill their own babies. Baby dolphins have washed up alongside the dead porpoises, and some scientists think that all the porpoise-slaughter was just practice for some old-fashioned infanticide . For other mammals like lions, killing the babies makes the females immediately ready for the next pregnancy, and maybe that's the case with dolphins, too.

The scariest part is dolphins can wreak havoc day and night without sleeping. A recent study found that dolphins could stay awake for five days straight with no loss of mental acuity. The dolphins didn't even need to make up sleep at the end of the study, though the scientists sure did.

If the dolphins ever evolve thumbs , we're in trouble. It will be like a slasher-film remake of Douglas Adams' So Long And Thanks for All The Fish . If I wash up with pulped innards and dolphin tooth marks, you'll know why. After all, you never hear about the people the dolphins push out to sea.

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Are there no tops anymore?
just wondering lol
can't seem to find any tops

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Poor Nigel
Nigel had a bad day!
2 UKIP candidates sacked, expenses scandal, and a resignation because of party racism.

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But its not all been bad, at least George knocked another 1p off his pint of beer.

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New Music

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Politicians Expenses.
Why have we got Politicians (Public Servant in the dictionary) and who call themselves "Honourable" yet are nothing but a disgrace-scum clamming for a wreath "To honour the Dead" on there Expenses, then describing as a "Necessary Expenses" Yet we the public put are hand in are pocket with no thought of the cost in money but in gratitude to the Glorious Dead.

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LASTLOGIN; 130 Weeks. I haven't been active know here since 2012.
And guess what.
I got fat and magically depressed.

Got to love life's treats.
However I have been in an almost 3 year relationship so that's good.

Anyway what's happened to gryfe? Is he still an administrator here?

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My Mother wants grandchildren... Help?
All of my cousins are straight and in relationships, and have already started families - marriage, children, etc.
I am gay, and my Mom and Stepdad are fine with that, but I get the feeling that I am letting my Mom down - I see her getting very "Grandmother-like" when she's with my cousins' kids, she fusses over them, buys them far too many presents at Christmas, and just generally acts how a Grandmother should act. She even said to me in the car the other day, "I guess I shouldn't hope for that", after seeing my cousin's children.
I feel like shit.
Like, I want to please my Mom, but I am 25 and don't even have a boyfriend, let alone marriage and kids...
Arghhh!!!! Advice is welcomed. :(

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Tory Candidate Afzal Amin suspended
So he should be suspended, not only suspended but removed from the party and charged with inciting racial hatred.

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What do you think?is it fit or not?
Ppl on dating sites keep telling me that how much they like my body. The thing is that im skinny, and i dont mind that at all. Altough in life ppl keep telling me that i should eat something :) (In addition i have to mention that i can eat as much i want as many times i want the only result will be bigger amount know that right what lol:).
So basically i cant put any weight on. Once more! I dont mind being skinny. I have been always like this and probably will be.

Now my question is: What do you think about skinny ppl. Are they attractive? What type of body do you like and why?
(oh one more thing...many many fat,chubby ppl message me that they like my bodytype but also there are some of these ppl who kinda agressively messages me saying that im gross they wouldnt even touch me and i make them puke. What i think is that ppl with few extra pounds or chubby,fat ppl are either jealous or dont like the fact that im not interested at them. No offence! :))
Here is my indeed skinny upper body to grab your attention :3 /hell yeah! u can start attacking me now :D /

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Have a good day guys!

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HAHAHA! Bloody Ridiculous… this guy...
Quite simply the best dance instruction video ever…

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I just sent a message to my brother - not spoken in 5 years...
To cut a very long story short:
- Parents divorced when I was 10 (brother was 12)
- I moved in with Mom, brother stayed with Dad
- Brother stopped talking to Mom at 13, I still visited Dad
- I left for Uni in 2010, Dad didn't speak to me again

In 2012, my brother's fiancé invited me to their wedding, two weeks prior, via Facebook. I declined.

It's now 2015, and I have just sent my brother a Facebook message saying "Hi Joe".

And now I am panicking.

Reassurance needed.
If you want the entire story, message me *bare in mind, it's boring and depressing*

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Dolce and habana v Ellon john
After reading today's newspapers I was distressed to read that Elton John and his partner calling for a boycott on Dolce & Gabanna products simply because they had there own opinion on same sex parents. They have been branded homophobic a which is that what it comes down to when you have a
different opinion of a setup of the same sexuality how strange. Simply because you have an opinion on a certain subject as I have many it doesn't mean it's a war.

I personally don't like the type of gays who hide away and try and live the straight life never to face up to what they are. The cowards those not brave enough to stand up and say I'm different deal with because it's better to be hated for something you are, rather than that's being loved for something I'm not. But those views don't make me homophobic it makes me opinionated.

Dolce and Gabanna are not the only people who think rent a womb is unnatural that a child needs both a mother and a father, that it's selfish to have a child just because you want one . People neglect to notice the child's feelings and what effect it would have on the child. I for one believe people are going to have there own opinions and Elton john needs to deal with that he is the public eye so people will focus on him

There's enough homophobia in the world without pushing the word. Around among ourselves

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Good LGBT films
Hi guys, could any of you guys recommend any good LGBT themed films that are worth watching. cheers.

By ninja101 posted in Random Thoughts with 22 Comments
New Pics what u think
hey guys how you all doing tonight... im bored so i just uploaded some new pics - have a look and lemme know what you think lol anywayz hope you all kool ali x

By azianwonder posted in Scene with 10 Comments
PRIDE events
What would you like to see at a pride event?

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Support for TGEU

I never realised that there were 34 countries in the EU who force transgender individuals to meet three criteria if they want gender reassignment, the three criteria being divorce (if married), certification of mental illness and sterilisation! Yes sterilisation! This is barbaric and smacks of a hitler regime! Thank god people are fighting back.

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bored as duck
i know this should not be a topic but im bored as duck also lack of confidence too. And this is exactly why im posting these brand new pic of me hehe./i am not photographer and dont tend to be one of them either/

Now cant wait to get judged...yay!:3

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Sports and the LGBT community...
So with the 6 Nations in full blast at the moment I thought this would be a good time to talk about the LGBT community in sport.

As far as Rugby goes there is only one Gay man who is well known in the field and thats the old welsh captain. There is so many rumours about who could be gay and what not.

Football is becoming more acceptable but is still far behind many other sports.

Now I play Ultimate frisbee... yes I know everyone laughs at it but it is a lot more intense than it sounds. But to me Ultimate frisbee is the most LGBT friendly sport of all. The game is based on equality and race, sex, sexuality and religion does not come into the sport. There are many members of the LGBT community in Ultimate frisbee and everyone is very accepting of the fact and actually love it.

So why can Ultiamte be so accepting but yet rugby, football and many other sports are not?

Who do you think may be LGBT in a sport?

If you are not a member of any sports team and would really like to be but you are afraid of ridicule... pick up a Ultimate disc throw around with your friends and maybe if you have the confidents to go.. join a team, it was the best thing I think I have done in my whole uni life. The people are so supportive, our team consists of 68 members, 38 content, I am VC for the second time, the captain is Bi as well, we have 6 other members that are from the LGBT community... and well the rest are a bit loss on it and will get with anyone haha... so get on it guys ;)


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Lets do a quick poll for fun

Let's do a quick poll for fun of favourite role in sex 

Just comment with TOP or BOTTOM 

Those who like both and are adaptable must pick their favourite

Simple stats exercise out of interest for fun

By alfiebqueenb posted in Random Thoughts with 36 Comments
New Years Eve
Wat to do for New Year! any suggestions?

By danlfc posted in Random Thoughts with 6 Comments
view on marriage
On 20th september I got married to the most wonderful lad ever :) x

Before I met my husband I didnt really want to get married. When I met him I changed my mind but I still knew that not much would change as we love each other exactly the same as before. But now im starting to see a part of what marriage is about. We feel more of a family now rather than a couple/boyfriends. In the next couple of years we are even going to adopt and make our family complete.

What is your thought on marriage?
If you are married then what has changed for you?

:) xxxxx

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Can gingers be hot? And Breda Ginger festival
As a ginger myself I don't tend to find gingers hot however I would beg to differ when it comes to Thomas Knight

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Did anyone go to the Breda 'Ginger' Festival last year in September?

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Spooning: Which Spoon Are You?
Big or little spoon?

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By joshstjames posted in Random Thoughts with 105 Comments
rate me
guys rate me. no rude comments please

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porno would u dare
Some peoples profiles say they would do a porn, but who when it came to crunch would you actually do one.

Are you being genuine or just a wild fantasy.

Who would do one and does it scare u and have u, what was it like?

By gazzfun posted in Random Thoughts with 38 Comments
What does it feels like to have a decent boyfriend
I have been in a couple of relationship but that was when i was at school and it wasnt really love..

Now i have been single since i left school.... And im feeling a bit lonely...

Is it hard to find a guy ? X do you guys felt loved ?

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Getting High - Suggestions on what to watch?

So my housemate and I are getting high (jealous much) and we're stuck on what to watch that'll make us piss ourselves laughing. I know this is awfully cringe but fuck it, I'm fed up of suggestions on Google. HA!

Cheers m'dears.

By howlett posted in What Im planning to happen with 13 Comments
funeral debate
Am I right to refuse to waste a days annual leave attending a distant relatives funeral? Me ma says its disrespectful to the dead. I say its more disrespectful to attend when you don't care about the person and never bothered with them when they were alive! Whose right?

By leonjk90 posted in What happened to me today with 16 Comments
EU President calls for an EU army
The head of policy of the EU Commission,Jean Claude Juncker, infamous as the former Prime Minister of the very small country, that created laws allowing global companies to base themselves in the country and pay hardly little tax in their operations legally throughout Europe now wants an army for himself to control. Some people, however much power they have is never enough for them.

By erdhwhk posted in Current Affairs with 44 Comments
The one & only Jeremy Clarkson
Who else thinks TG is Jeremy Clarkson?
The idea that the BBC is going to be able to get rid of him and have a successful popular program is ridiculous!
Jc could go to sky or any other channel and it would be him that would be the publics favourite
I reckon tg would be better without the bbc intervention and control anyway

By leonjk90 posted in Current Affairs with 38 Comments
Goal celebration 2
Zlatan Ibrahimovic tattooed names of 50 starving people on his body via @MailSport

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By james19 posted in Current Affairs with 37 Comments
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Introvert - Prefer a few close friends.

Extrovert - People give you energy.

By soulcalibur posted in Random Thoughts with 12 Comments
I don't actually like Christmas
I've come to the conclusion that I think I don't actually like Christmas anymore.

I'm not trying to put a downer on it for anybody else I just don't see the fun or festivities in it anymore, everyone is in a blind panic to buy something for someone that probably may not want it anyway and why should you need a reason to buy someone a present? Surely it would be nicer to surprise someone and just buy it for them at any time of the year and then hopefully that shows more thought than just oh it's Christmas I HAVE to get you something or on the persons Birthday when it's just special to them.

I think most of the reasons why I don't care for it anymore are that things for me have never gone right around Christmas time such as health, breaking up with partners, family rows etc which has sucked all the life out of it for me.

So anyone else here not that fussed about Christmas?

By cexcells posted in Random Thoughts with 11 Comments
Anal sex
Really want to try having two cocks in my ass, anyone had experiences of it?

By bradleyr posted in Random Thoughts with 51 Comments
Watch this! It is SO funny!!
LOL. I found this yesterday just fannying around on Youtube and it is SO FUNNY!!

People are so fucking stupid. LOL.

By lookme posted in Random Thoughts with 1 Comments
Skype fun guys
Skype fun anyone 😂😂😂

Just drop your skype names below

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cringe no. 2
i have a feeling he probably stalks alot of people on here

11/3/2014 10:10:40 PM Read Message Hey hot and very hotter
how is your week so far...where in London are you ? anything interesting going on up there!! hope to chat x
11/6/2014 4:06:03 PM Read Message London Tonight
So if i was in London tonight where would I find ya ?
11/7/2014 11:54:06 AM Read Message No Subject
What is the puppy called looks very sweet?
11/7/2014 7:01:40 PM Read Message No Subject
you ever talk to anyone on here lol
11/10/2014 2:10:22 PM Read Message No Subject
why do u keep msging me
11/10/2014 4:00:59 PM Read Message No Subject
Like to chat .obv no! lol.well at least you have answered !! meet up for fun?
11/15/2014 3:51:28 PM Read Message that a no!
like your message lol
2/12/2015 4:11:50 PM Read Message No Subject
you got a bf yet ?
2/16/2015 12:50:01 PM Read Message No Subject
whats your idea of no strings fun ?? i like photo no 4
2/19/2015 6:23:38 PM Unread Message Sexy body
you do pose well.!

basically if u dont look like this dont message me
im not interested

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biggest cringe ever

1/23/2014 10:14:54 PM Read Message No Subject
I would drill you mate :)
1/25/2014 9:41:27 AM Read Message No Subject
haha you knew you are ugly mate and I was just being sarcastic , I have a fit as fuck bf haha
2/11/2014 11:41:34 PM Read Message No Subject
haha you fucking attention seeker. seem no one wants to take you
2/12/2014 10:55:50 PM Read Message No Subject
u want me so wotever
2/12/2014 11:08:58 PM Read Message No Subject
Fuck off I have got fitter bf , and you can tell that form his pics haha
2/14/2015 4:00:48 AM Unread Message No Subject
You ok man?

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Personal Training Help
Howdy all,

I've been going gym on and off for the past 6 months and have finally got back into the routine of going regularly. I tend not to bother with aerobic exercise as I'm currently only focused on aesthetics. My health and fitness can come afterwards.

Now, I know that I am meant to be doing compound muscle exercises, but U currently vary between free-weights and machines predominantly aimed for isolation muscle workouts.

I am trying to slowly increase my diet. My calorie intake really does depend on what kind of day I've had at work. It varies between 2000 calories and 3800 calories per day.

Is there anyone that is willing to show me how to do squats (mainly overhead squats) or deadlifts? Other compound exercises would be preferred. I'm obviously not willing to pay, and am relying on the nature of good hearted people. I'll buy you a pint afterwards (I know, completely defeats the purpose)

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By notverynice11 posted in Health with 8 Comments
Guess Who.
I know, let's play a game. Games are fun.

Here is a picture of all the people from Guess Who. If you don't know how to play, all you have to do is ask yes/no questions based on their picture (e.g. Are they male? Do they wear a hat?)

First person to guess who (see where the title comes from?) is the winner. If you guess the person incorrectly, you'll be out and I'll ignore you until the next round. Got it? Sweet.


By joelxo posted in Random Thoughts with 44 Comments
Moving to Aus!

Not been on here for years!!!! Just re-activated :)

Iv Been saving up to move to Australia, been saving for about a year now. Just wondered who's been? Whats it like?

My best friend moved there 4 years ago and she loves it!!!

She lives in Sydney atm, whats Aus like? Is it gay friendly

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By jaylad89 posted in Current Affairs with 2 Comments
The trouble with trusting someone
LadsLads |

Oliver Walden used Grindr to fake sexual interest in men so that he could steal their goods (including ipads and iphones).

He's been jailed for 27 months as a punishment.

Just goes to show, it's hard to trust anyone. How are you supposed to meet someone genuine when there are sooo many scammers and assholes out there?!

By leonjk90 posted in Random Thoughts with 10 Comments
How Gay Is Your Job?
Do you work in a stereotypical job for gay men such as cabin crew? Or do you butch up in the workplace?

I'm a visual merchandiser, which I've found to be 99% gays and girls. Quite shocking to find a straight man doing it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By joshstjames posted in Job and Employment with 143 Comments
234234234 sdgsd gsdf sdfg

23423 4231 4231 423 423 4



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By djorgensen posted in Events and Group Get Togethers with 5 Comments
Goal celebrations?

By james19 posted in What happened to me today with 2 Comments
How did you meet your bf / partener / husband?
After some careful consideration I am ready to begin actively looking for a boyfriend / partner. A step up from my current approach of just waiting to see what happens.
Has anyone got any advice where the best place is to find them?
Or if you already have a bf/partner/husband where did you meets yours?

By DANRSMITH posted in Random Thoughts with 3 Comments
I'm on the Water diet
One of you guys said that plants feel to so i'm on the water diet

By martinportlouis posted in What happened to me today with 0 Comments
Worried about size?
Average penis size revealed in study results.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The enduring question now has a scientific answer: 13.12 centimetres (5.16 inches) in length when erect, and 11.66cm (4.6 inches) around, according to an analysis of more than 15,000 penises around the world.

In a flaccid state, it found, the penis of the average man is 9.16cm (3.6 inches) in length and has a girth of 9.31cm (3.7 inches)."

The information has been used to devise a graph that doctors can use in counselling men with “small penis anxiety”.
I bet this boosts a few egos!

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 10 Comments
...perhaps not? Guess this guy is like marmite. You either hate him or you want to shut him in a cupboard, or both!

By hmmhello posted in Music with 3 Comments
Does Anyone Fancy Bearded Ladies? I do now!!
Don't believe me, just watch:

By hmmhello posted in Music with 8 Comments
Help in what to do
I have a Princess V70 in Spain, for those that don't know its a boat. Normally each summer I take friends and family for a few weeks round the med, I don't ask for any contribution, but it does piss me off they don't even offer some money for the fuel not that i would take it, this year I thinking of telling them its laid up for defouling and instead take friends from lads lads on the boat. Am I being unfair on family and friends if I dont tell them why and give them the chance to make amends or have they had their chance. Help !! I posted this before but not got a majority vote do i tell um why or do i lie.

By gazzfun posted in What Im planning to happen with 6 Comments
Musicals - a gay haven or escape for all
So I was on leave in London from work last week and I went to see Blood Brothers (highly recommended, got a suburb seat for a small price at a half price ticket booth). It was a superb musical and I would definitely go again. Anyway, it got me thinking is it because i'm gay I like musical or us ur something else that appeals.

By DANRSMITH posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
feeling ugly
Hate feeling like this must be if lots of people say it

By leo1990 posted in What happened to me today with 12 Comments
Brand-O-Phobe ?

Are you a brandophobe like me? I've never bought own brand products (msavers, asda smart price, tesco everyday value etc.) It always has to have a name to it. John west tuna, walkers crisps etc. A bit like designer clothes opposed to high street. One of my biggest pet hates is own brand cordial juice. It just tastes so artificial and shit. Robinsons FTW.

By mckenna posted in Random Thoughts with 15 Comments
Pick Two
Which two of the following are most important in your dream man?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

By joshstjames posted in Random Thoughts with 60 Comments
Anus Chocolates - Can be personalised too, what a treat!

Image title

Created by London-based artist Magnus Irvin, the rather unique product came about when he tried to make a cast of his own bumhole, but it didn’t work out.

The website for ‘Edible Anus’ reads: “Initially Mr Irvin tried to cast his own anus with messy and disastrous results. Whilst explaining his failure to a chance acquaintance at a bus stop he was gratified to find that his fellow bus passenger was willing to allow him to cast her anus. The job was done in just over half an hour later that afternoon and all subsequent anuses have been based on this casting. It is a matter of interest that the person who kindly donated her service has no idea that her anus has now gone global.”

Sounds delightful, not sure I'd be all that pleased to receive these as a gift!

By cliffy84 posted in Food for thought with 12 Comments
Would you go in a relationship with him?
Hey guys I know how majority of the straight men think about this so thought I'll ask you gay/bi/DL men

Would you go in a relationship with someone who has f***ked or been f***ked with allot of guys in YOUR city?

"And of COURSE he used protection with all the guys.

But let's say he slept with 20 or 15 or 30 guys withing a year. He top n btm some.

Would you go in a relationship with him AND WHY or WHY NOT?

Now for you guys who said "yes I don't care" my next question to you is this.
Would you still go in a relatinship with this man if half of those people or even 5% of those people are your friends???

By martinportlouis posted in What happened to me today with 9 Comments
Mixed signals
Ok so why do guys feel the need to give mixed signals it's the whole on / off, hot / cold etc type affair I seem to get with a few guys lately.
Does anyone these days know what they actually want or are they far more interested in the game?

I sound like a man scorned here but I'm a bit sick of it to be honest...

By cexcells posted in Random Thoughts with 22 Comments
The right person?
I'm not really sure if what I'm doing is right -

Many of you probably have Grindr, Lads Lads, Guyspy, Bender, Hornet, Jack'd, POF and / or some other apps and profiles for whatever reasons; but is it the right way to meet someone genuine who ISN'T looking for NSA?

I've been trying these sites out for a few months now since moving back home to Plymouth from London and appear to be having no luck what-so-ever :/ It feels like I've been searching forever.

I haven't given up but do feel somewhat defeated and have reached the point where I now just work my life away because I don't wanna spend my life on my phone and laptop on the hunt for the right person :/

Do many of you do this? Be honest!

Also i have been told several times that if you stop looking; it will come to you; have many of you been told this too?

Just a blog for the curiousity :)

Scribble a comment :)

Mikey :D

By mikesp130 posted in Random Thoughts with 11 Comments
Your Favourite Novels - Including Blog Link
I have become a book reading fiend, having read the Harry Potter series when I turned 24 years old. I hated reading when a child and teenager, I didn't understand the reason for using my time in that way. That said, I have begun reading everything! From Richard Dawkins 'The God Delusion' to The Catcher In The Rye (JD Salinger) and The Big Over Easy (Jasper Fforde).

I can't stop buying books! But I want to know... what are YOUR favourite books and why?

For those interested, my blog link is below -

By the_wonderkid posted in Random Thoughts with 5 Comments
The Fallen Madonna
Did you see Madonna get yanked off the stage? Poor old bird, she must have been in serious pain but straight back up and continued the performance, what a trouper!

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 9 Comments
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