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Favorite albums and why
Hoping to have a subject which is light hearted on these blogs, I wonder that peoples favorite 21st century albums are? and maybe favorite genre?

some of my favs as shown below
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roll the dice
If you roll 3 standard dice, what is the probability you will get a 2 and a 5 among them?

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(assume dice are fair, thrown randomly without bias, and you need a 2 AND a 5 and any other number which may or may not be another 2 or 5)

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 9 Comments
Talk up
I need to talk..
Anyone wanna chat to me. drop me an inbox.

I'm now gonna stroke my hair.

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Surprise Surprise. Something Nobody With Half A Fucking Brain Cell Didn't See Coming
There is this political party who say they are different from other parties, mostly referring to the three biggest parties, the Tories the Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

This party called UKIP who nobody knew existed untill little over a year ago say they want to be independent from the EU. Seems to be a fair thing to challenge doesn't it? A Britain that... kind of does everything it does now except without the EU... But then this party call the country Scotland, which is like Britain except UKIP see everyone their as half British of as

"subsidy junkies whingeing like a trampled bagpipe as they wait for their next fix of English taxpayers money" ... (and UKIP wonder why nobody votes for them in Scotland)

UKIP continued this fascicle which resembled a bully, a big bully. Some kind of big powerful bully, which is the exact same think UKIP call the EU. Anyway, they called the democratically elected SNP of Scotland traitors for wanting to do the exact same thing with the British Parliament for what is actually the exact same reasons UKIP wish to leave the EU. That's called hypocrisy ukippers, get fucking used to it.

UKIP also seem to have this nerve where whenever one of the big parties are faced with criticisms or scandal they jump on to the most popular opinion and say how popular the opinion they are opinionated is and how much it makes them like the working people... Says the privately educated Nigel Farage.

But when the shoe is on the other foot and UKIP are faced with allegations and criticisms of the same calibre they throw their toys out the cot and claim its an illuminate, New World Order conspiracy theory against the oppressed privately educated Nigel Farage and his party UKIP. As you can see from this not at all bias none racist totally libertarian link below.

Most recently the privately educated Nigel Farage and UKIP represented the working people so well by voting against equal pay for men and women across Britain, some UKIP MEPs decided to represent Britain the best way they could and decided not to show up... Also the privately educated Nigel Farage once again jumping on the bandwagon of what was most popular in the news tabloids and that. He heavily criticised the privately educated Mr. David Cameron for keeping on Maria Miller after it was revealed she had her own expenses row...

Now though it seems, after blasting the government for two weeks over how they ever dare to neglect the system on expenses hypocrisy has once again followed up on the privately educated Nigel Farage and the rest of UKIP who have got their own dirty British hands in to their dirty pockets and done the exact same thing... Unsurprisingly, the privately educated Nigel Farage denies the claims.

An investigation has been launched.

But as all UKIP supporters have done, we'll brush his illegal £2 MILLION expenses under the rug.

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I Need Feminism Because...
This guy has me in stitches with his videos against feminism, he's extremely witty and incredibly sarcastic.
As we know with feminism, it hides behind a curtain and says it's for 'equality', but more often than not, radical/ militant feminists are after special treatment such as gender specific quotas. They discriminate against men by attacking masculinity and attacking any woman who goes agai at the feminist agenda. Feminism in some aspects could be considered a hate movement.

By jamesalex posted in Random Thoughts with 6 Comments
My rig arms are growing ! Celebrate
Also wow this site is on it's last legs the same blogs are still here from a week ago :/ shame.

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By naomicampbell posted in What happened to me today with 53 Comments
Thinking of starting over?
Thinking of starting a different gay networking site.

Would anyone be interested in helping?

I've got experience with the development, hosting etc. and can get a site up in minutes with some decent software I know of.

Would love to know people's opinions and if someone would be willing to help?

By ab60 posted in Technology with 18 Comments
Why? why do most guys completely ignore a message?
Go to * to skip example

Now I have been on and off this site for a few years now and I have come across some things no one would expect.

Main one I bet no one would expect is, I got removed from this site by an admin because I refused to meet up with him. ( no words for the face I pulled )

* The reason for this blog is 'Why? why do people read your messages and not even have the decency to reply they are not interested, I mean is it really hard to say 'Sorry I'm not interested.'

COME ON GUYs, at least have the decency to say 'Sorry I'm not interested'

Also I have noticed that some guys that do this (It generally says on their profile they are looking for friends, one would assume this means they will reply, one would be wrong.

By ryanofwolves posted in General Stuff with 156 Comments
Full employment

Chancellor George Osborne calls for full employment

George Osborne has tried to bury one of the most toxic Tory legacies from the Thatcher and Major eras by pledging to create full employment in Britain.  In a direct repudiation of the famous declaration by Norman Lamont that unemployment was a price "well worth paying" to bring down inflation, the chancellor said that "mass unemployment is never a price worth paying".  Speaking at Tilbury Port on Monday, the chancellor highlighted the scale of his ambition by saying that he would like to ensure Britain has more people in work as a proportion of the population than any other G7 country.  Osborne said: "Today I'm making a new commitment, a commitment to fight for full employment in Britain – making jobs a central goal of our economic plan."  The chancellor added: "There is no reason why Britain shouldn't aim to have the highest employment rate of any of the world's leading economies, to have more people working than any of the other countries in the G7 group.  "That's my ambition: the best place in the world to create a job, to get a job, to keep a job, to be helped to look for another job if you lose one."  The chancellor disowned the declaration by Lamont, John Major's first chancellor, who famously told MPs in 1991: "Rising unemployment and the recession have been the price that we have had to pay to get inflation down. That price is well worth paying." Osborne, who believes that Lamont's words helped to feed an impression that the Tories were uncaring, said: "Jobs matter – mass unemployment is never a price worth paying."
Left Unity might welcome this!

By james19 posted in Current Affairs with 93 Comments
What each country leads the world in...
haha this is so true, we got 'Quality of Life'.
full map:

By boxty posted in Food for thought with 12 Comments
Frankie Knuckles RIP
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Post your favourite track, remix.

By james19 posted in Music with 6 Comments
Brain cells dying! Celebrate
 photo monkey.jpg

Such are my delusions of grandeur I believe "I've drummed up more publicity for this site than any of you". With all the finesse (but less intelligence) of a tabloid page 3 tart I have repeatedly blogged pics of my favourite wank material, me, and for those who like trout pouts and under developed bodies.
Yours, insecurely, with a desperate need for love and attention.

By bosef posted in Food for thought with 55 Comments
Gaming guys
why is it so hard to find a guy thats plays computer games, by that i mean ps3/ps4,

anyone got a ps4 yet? or play ps3 online?

By gamerboi posted in General Stuff with 55 Comments
Anastacia appreciation blog
Think we should all take a moment to take a moment out to appreciate Anastacia and her amazing voice. What is your face song?

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By mysterious_boy posted in Music with 2 Comments
I'm in a new reality show 'Drag Queens of London'

New TV show 'Drag Queens of London' airs this Tuesday and I'M IN IT! Woo! It was pitched to us as a docu-series, though seems to have taken a rather gratuitous 'reality' approach... OH WELL! I'm in it now and there's no going back so here's hoping people enjoy it!

You can watch the show every Tuesday on London Live, the new TV channel for London! Let me know what you guys think of my opening credit sequence! I think it's all rather camp! <3

By mrglow posted in What I'm planning to happen with 26 Comments
Lost a stone in last month, what ya reckon?
In other news I have passed my Royal Navy Interview and completed one of my Law Assignments today on Company Law. Only 4 Assignments Left :)

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By mysterious_boy posted in What happened to me today with 20 Comments
Follow Irish ME Follow me and ill follow back:D

By gazzaforde posted in What happened to me today with 0 Comments
Star Citizen - The PC Master race
Simply put its one of the most promising PC games to ever be made, and there are only 195 Alpha slots left!!!

If you like PC gaming and have not come across this yet you owe it to yourself to have a quick look!

Its received record breaking crowd funding and its designed by amazing industry veterans. No publisher bullshit, not rushing out the door, this game is simply going to be the work of experienced creators.

The great thing is if you get the alpha slot and decide you dont want the basic ship, you can "melt" down the ship and upgrade and you get the equivalent money credited to the account. For the base $45 dollars you get alpha, beta, full single player and full persistent universe (MMO)!

Just look and trust you wont be disappointing.

By supernewt posted in Technology with 1 Comments
rich guys
ive been hanging w this rich as fuck arab guy and omg the amount of money he fucking spends
hes got the most amazing fuking house near harrods
it is fucking MASSIVE
its got 2 fuckin swimming pools, 2 kitchens, 4 living roos it is fucking mental
i wanted to take pics but he wudnt let me lmao
then we got drove to fucking harrods which is like 5 minutes away from his house in a mercedes
he spent about 100k when i was with him
i didnt know ppl could be that fucking rich it is mental
he said hes gonna buy me my 1st car n shit
its just mad how rich some ppl are and how poor most ppl are
i think i want to marry him :S

me looking peng
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By dipsy posted in Random Thoughts with 207 Comments
UK Drag Race - Vanity's Drag Hunt

So recently students at a London university worked with me to create a kind of light parody of US TV show RuPaul's Drag Race. Very much a tongue-in-cheek rendition of the drag talent show format, the pilot episode is now online! Have a gander and tell me what you think! <3

By mrglow posted in Television with 16 Comments
Does anyone use this website anymore?
There doesn’t seem to be as many people on here as there were before (or maybe I’m just over the hill now :P
Obviously a well-known iPhone app has taken a lot of the punters from this website. It’d be great if there was a LL app!!

By mbmrb posted in Technology with 17 Comments
Slow Loading Page
Is it just me or is anyone else having periods where loading Ladslads website is slow?

I know its not my connection as i'm on 152mb from Virgin but im just wondering if it could be a DNS issue as i've been having issues with Virgins DNS on and off for a while and thinking of switching to either googles or Open DNS

By gayladswansea posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
Important jobs
Just wondering what people on here would consider to be the most and least important jobs.

I'm thinking in terms of contribution to the greater good i.e, improvement of living standards, safety, welfare, etc

and the least important jobs being jobs that have no real purpose or are completely frivolous and unnecessary in nature.

I'm not oblivious to the fact that this might generate a lot of heat, but hey, that’s what makes these forums so damn fun :D

By chris1990m posted in Job and Employment with 18 Comments
Thought I'd give this another go..
Heey guys, whats up? Haven't been on this site in a thought why not come back for a look around :)

By turnupthemusic posted in Random Thoughts with 2 Comments
Your prostitute name
Your birthday month
Then the last thing you ate

By lightningbolt posted in Random Thoughts with 28 Comments
London Marathon 2014
Good luck to all those running the London Marathon tomorrow. Had to pull out of my marathon through injury but almost back now. Missed running so much when I was out. A lot of people don't understand that it becomes an important part of your life. Be good to hear other stories.

By gavyboy posted in Sports with 13 Comments
LadsLads Pissup - 26th April 2014 - Birmingham

So, believe it or not, due to popular demand I have decided to hold another LadsLads Pissup in Birmingham. This will be the last one that I personally hold in Birmingham as I will be residing back to London and may even start holding a few back down there.

The venue is, as per usual:

The Loft Lounge

143 Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, B5 6RG

From 17:00 onwards

I also want to sincerely apologise for cancelling the last one, but an
unforeseen circumstance has arisen.

For all those that are travelling, if you decide you want to stay overnight in Birmingham, there are hotels very close by that have rooms for the night from £28-£35 per night.

I hope to see you all there!

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By notverynice11 posted in What I'm planning to happen with 7 Comments
Anyone worked or currently working in The Navy?
Thinking about joining so was just wondering peoples experiences working in The Navy and getting ready for physical fitness test etc. Was it easy?

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By mysterious_boy posted in Job and Employment with 47 Comments
anyone horny and wanna skype
anyone up for some fun on skype mail me or lemme know your skype names

By CumShooter69 posted in Random Thoughts with 0 Comments
Professional memberships
So in a couple of months I will become an associate member of the CIPD after I was talked into doing it by my colleague. She tells me that it 'substantially increases your earning power' although I'm a bit scepticle. Is anyone else a member of a professional body and if so, did the work advance your career in the way you expected?

By mikey430 posted in Job and Employment with 13 Comments
Game of thrones
So, as always I am miles behind everyone else, and I am now just getting into game of thrones, now no spoilers please people but I have just started season two Nd to be honest I am loving it, the storylines are getting a bit hard to follow, doesn't help with such long names of the characters haha, it has great scenery and graphics so far, the story line are good, I like the whole fantasy of it, the seven families (although I can only name a few, not sure bout the others) but I do think it is great! So what do you guys think of it? And does anyone know of any other programmes or films like this? This is the kind of thing I really like enjoying, corruption, sex, lies, war and fantasy, I find it all really gripping so anything like this, preferably films would be greatly appreciated :) xx

By nobled993 posted in Television with 18 Comments
UKIP ride High in Polls!
Todays opinion poll in the Observer puts Labour on 36% support,Conservatives on 30%, UKIP on 18%, and the LibDems on 7%!

By comonsensechris posted in Current Affairs with 19 Comments
Lana Del Rey - West Coast
Lana Del Rey release her new single "West Coast".

An interesting move in my opinion. I was expecting something far more commercial.

What do you think?

By mikeyboys posted in Music with 9 Comments
GTA 5 online
Anyone here online (xbox) GTA 5?

By rudeboidazza posted in Current Affairs with 1 Comments
Meeting people Newcastle
I am a teacher, own my flat (well nearly) and 24. Still I cannot meet anyone! I am starting to be depressed being alone and single.

By quietboy21 posted in General Stuff with 4 Comments
What Car Do You Drive?

took a good picture today.
very much into my cars and was just thinking what people drove for there daily
thinking of getting rid of my r53 Mini Cooper S JCW.

 photo 1149024_10153943102375046_1396684268_n_zps20f0a5a1.jpg

By kiinger posted in Cars with 33 Comments
Who's watching WWE Wrestlemania 30 tonight?

Sooo, who's watching it tonight, what matches you looking forward to and what are your predictions?

I personally am really looking forward to it, even more so now Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are going to be big rumours say Sting will show up (or he will show up on Raw tomorrow) and as annoying he is, CM Punk maybe back too.

Heres my predictions:

Randy Orton vs Batista vs HHH or Daniel Bryan
I think Daniel Bryan will win, but I want HHH to win.

HHH vs Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan will probably win, but want HHH to.

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
No doubt about it, Undertaker will win and that's my choice also.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
I think Cena will win, but want Wyatt to win.

Kane & New Age Outlaws vs Shield
I reckon Shield may win, I'm 50/50 to who I want as I like both teams.

Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match
Hopefully Cesaro and Swagger will win

Andre The Giant Battle Royal
I think Hogan will put himself in the match and win, but think Big Show should win it

Divas match (boring)
Hopefully AJ remains champion

AND FINALLY, before anyone says it (as some idiot will), yes I know its fake, scripted, etc...Shut ya mouth Jabroni!

By shaneyboy360 posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
HOLIDAYS - Buzzing Off
Where are you going this year? If you're going anywhere that is...

By shaunaj09 posted in Holidays with 19 Comments
Nigel comes 2nd again.
Nigel, on Have I Got News For You.

There's even a reference to Chris near the end.

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 7 Comments
I'm a quarter of a century old!
it's my birthday folks, already in my mid-20's :s

By al89 posted in What happened to me today with 12 Comments
What do you think the recipe is for a successful long term Gay Relationship?
So Guys What do you think the recipe for a successful long term Gay Relationship is?!


By ur_secret_star posted in Random Thoughts with 32 Comments
Just find your name...
Just find your name...

A- Damn good kisser!
B- Good all around person!
C- You're wild and crazy!
D- You have one of the best personalities ever!
E- You have a nice ass!
F- People totally adore you!
G- You never let people tell you what to do!
H- You have a very good personality and looks!
I- You Have A Great Sense Of Style!
J- Everyone loves you!
K- You like to try new things!
L- You live for Pizza!
M- Success comes easily to you!
O- You are one of the best in bed!
P- You are popular with all types of people!
Q- You are a hypocrite!
R- Absolutely sexy!
S- Have great legs!
T- You're loyal to those you love!
U- You are really chill!
V- You are not judgemental!
W- You are very broad minded!
X- You never let ppl tell u wat to do!
Y- One of the best bfs/gfs anyone could ask for!
Z- You like it in the butt VERY VERY HARDD-

By alkranite posted in Food for thought with 8 Comments
Printers come from Skaro!
Is there such a thing as a decent affordable printer?

Printers are the most evil things - the Devil's own invention, sent to Earth to drive us to drink! They were all made before 1985 to work with Sinclair Spectrum and still being sold for modern use.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And what is printer ink made from? Unicorn's blood?

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 13 Comments
omg this is why im gay
have u ever seen anything hotter in ur life

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By dipsy posted in Wants to hook up with 46 Comments
Why Do A Lot Of Masculine Gay Men Seem To Hat Feminine Gay Men?
Why do you masculine gay guys hate feminine guys? Some people say because it makes the gay community look bad but that's not true. People are going to hate gay community regardless because of the fact that we are gay not feminine.

Is it because of the sex? or is it just because we are feminine? And what if you met a feminine gay guy who is built with a lot of muscle and a six pack and he likes to do boy things? Would you go with him then?

I think a lot of masculine gay guys tend to reject/disassociate themselves from/"hate on" feminine gay guys because feminine gay guys remind them of stereotypes, and they're pretty-much breaking those stereotypes and rejecting them by being more masculine.

And then again, they could just not like the guys that go over-board with the whole thing.

So guys what you think? Why is there some much dislike between Masculine gay men and feminine guys?

Are there any masc guys on here who dont like feminine guys?

Please discuss :)

A cute picture to lighten the mood x
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By blondebombshell posted in Food for thought with 101 Comments
CCTV surveillance
Just wondering what everyone thinks of the state of today’s streets and high streets.

Do you think we're being watched too much or would you feel safe with more CCTV cameras?

Chewed Tape

By chris1990m posted in Technology with 9 Comments
You know
Getting into a relationship might seem like a good idea but so did getting on the Titanic and look what happened there.

By equinox posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
Your star ship name
The colour of your underwear

And then the last thing you ate

By lightningbolt posted in Random Thoughts with 20 Comments
Little bit confused
what do you called a guy who isnt masculine or feminine

becuase im neither and im confused

By alkranite posted in Random Thoughts with 24 Comments
'Cool' London is dead, and the rich kids are to blame

The cool, creative class has been priced out of London, which means the capital is becoming more bland and boring by the minute, says Alex Proud

I have seen the future – and the future is Paris and Geneva.
The future is a clean, dull city populated by clean, dull rich people and clean, dull old people. The future is joyless Michelin starred restaurants and shops selling £3,000 chandeliers.
In the 1990s, we accidentally stumbled upon the formula for a perfect city. Exactly halfway between East and West, serious history, attractive (but not chocolate-boxy), English-speaking, and a capital for the creative industries and financial services. Better still, years of decline and depopulation had left vast central swathes of the city very affordable. So, the cool kids piled in. And, suddenly, a rather grey, down-at-heel capital, a place that had never quite quite recovered from losing an Empire (and winning a war) began to swing again.
Back then we all lived in central London, because we all could. It was normal to leave university and get a flat with your mates in Marylebone or Maida Vale or Primrose Hill or Notting Hill. Not because we were rich, but because London was cheap. And it felt fantastic. Here was a city whose fortunes were reviving and, as 20-somethings, ready to make our mark on the world, we really were bang in the middle of things.
Two decades on and you can play a nostalgic little game where you remind yourself what groups London’s inner neighbourhoods were known for 20 years ago. Hampstead: intellectuals; Islington: media trendies; Camden: bohemians, goths and punks; Fulham: thick poshos who couldn’t afford Chelsea; Notting Hill: cool kids; Chelsea: rich people. Now, every single one of these is just rich people. If you want to own a house (or often just a flat) in these places, you need a six figure salary or you can forget it. And, for anyone normal, that means working in finance

Full article here:

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By notverynice11 posted in Food for thought with 17 Comments
Welcome back to LadsLads??
So, after about a 2 months absence, i thought i'd come back and see what has changed. I know i knew a few of the regular guys on here, and have kept in touch recently via other methods i.e Skype and Facebook, but wondered how things were nowadays, given the site was going through some changes when i was last on here i.e a new beta, etc.

So, feel free to say hello, and hopefully i may strike up some new conversation :)

Adam. x

By adzyboii posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
What Languages can you speak






And a little Russian

By lightningbolt posted in Random Thoughts with 24 Comments
I need to find somewhere to live in Birmingham/Coventry!
Hey Guys!

Found out that I have gotten onto a work placement near Solihull in September, which is exciting as fuck!

Now though, I have to find a place to live nearby...

Been looking at some places around, but was wondering, do you guys have any advice on where is best to live? I need to be within easy commuting distance, so looking for nice areas of Birmingham, Coventry and surrounding towns!

Also, does anybody know of any houses that have rooms available in August-September, or even anybody who is looking for a roommate?


By andymon posted in Apartments and Rentals with 1 Comments
Is it worth getting a Xbox One
I'm pondering on whether I will be tempted over Easter or maybe later in the summer on getting one. I'm happy with my PS4, but games like Titan Fall and Sunset Overdrive are tempting me into shelling out for one.

I take it the Xbox One Gold network service costs as much as the PS4 etc?

How good is Titan Fall? I take it, this does not have a conventional campaign mode, so it is totally multiplayer, so does it suffer from too many cheats spoiling the gaming fun for every one.

Of course I might be tempted by Halo when that comes out later in the year as well.

I'm a bit disappointed at the graphics for Forza 5, especially with Need For Speed being so good.

Are download and issues and the service from Microsoft good?

By leedsps4user posted in Technology with 2 Comments
coming out
so back in october i had a little crisis and decided i would write up my life story just as a therapeutic thing for me to do.. i called it " untouchable soul" . once it was complete i re read it and corrected a few mistakes. writing is not one of my strong points so forgive me for my writing. anyhoo, i had uploaded it to fb and let friends read it who were dying to have a nosey and with their support and courage i ended up putting it on a blog. so here goes nothing but its finally completed, the first half of things later is to fallow what happened when i came home.


By londonstudent19 posted in What happened to me today with 1 Comments
Payday Loans
Anybody know any direct payday lenders that actually lend u the money and dont pass u on to some other company.


By alzski posted in General Stuff with 16 Comments
hey hey :)
just thought i say hey

By brightonboi2013 posted in Random Thoughts with 3 Comments
Creme eggs

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 2 Comments
funny sign
When a street in Truro was closed due to road works, the Wig and Pen pub on the corner of the street had a sign made to let the world know it was still open. The sign had to be removed when it was spotted that the signwiter did not leave sufficient space between the words PEN and IS.
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By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 2 Comments
Snog Marry Avoid

Haven't done this in a while...

Would you snog, marry or avoid the comment above you?

Starting with me of course ;)


By timtimtimmy posted in Random Thoughts with 61 Comments
what is the saying?
a nice easy one today. Which common saying is represented here?


By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 6 Comments
Kyla La Grange
Count cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: count

By zsounds posted in Music with 4 Comments
Bum Or Cock
Simple question boy's what do you prefer....


Image and video hosting by TinyPic



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Let us know :D

By blondebombshell posted in Food for thought with 46 Comments
After torturing everyone on this site with my videos i have now been signed to Scotland's next Big Boy Band 4th State so much booked for this year including Edinburgh Pride!!! follow us on twitter @4thState_music

By petermckb posted in Music with 21 Comments
Driver roll up the partition please.
Just cause I can and I don't care if you hate it x

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By naomicampbell posted in Random Thoughts with 15 Comments
Bored Skype Anyone
Bored anyone uop for skype

ad me - alzski


By alzski posted in General Stuff with 1 Comments
Scary Times
Now, I've got grindr like a number of people here no doubt have. I don't use it to hook up with people (tbh I just like the attention and the hopes of a decent conversation).

I began to converse with someone in my area, someone my age. Looked cute things went on, pictures exchanged and so forth. Then I actually looked into his profile a little more and saw "Poz". I automatically asked him if he was HIV+. Nothing against positive people in the slightest, just extra precaution advisory.

However, his attitude to it took me totally be surprised. He wanted bareback sex. He wanted to finish inside people. See below:

It scares the fuck out of me that someone could be like this. I believe if you have HIV, it's your responsibility to end the chain of infection by being honest with any sexual partners and rubbering up. NOT actively seeking out more bareback sex.

By souseiki posted in Health with 81 Comments
LGBT suicide
Hi all,
I am currently conducting some research for a dissertation report and want to gather some proposals around higher than average rates of suicide amongst LGBT youth.

What do people think about this?
Is it just scaremongering?
Do young people need more support and guidance?
or is it just a problem within our society at present?

Please drop me a line or inbox me.

Thanks in advance
Ash M :-)

P.s. this q comes from a gay so dont think im homophobic.

By ashley16 posted in Health with 10 Comments
I'm up in salisbury and wow is this place lacking a gay vibe
so i came on up to salisbury to meet a very old friend, and i thought why not check out the local talent, well apparently there isn't any, now i have only been able to see the lads that are online but the nearest was well over 12 miles, i mean WTF!!!!
I'm looking for some handsome men any age to talk to and what do i get, *cough* computer says no!
does n e where else in the country have a serious dry spell or am i suffering alone?!
p.s any u guys got some hot red head pics to share plz do, i need some serious cheering up

By dru_n_bu posted in Random Thoughts with 3 Comments
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