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Lads Salad alternative gets wiped clean
Now I know this website is actively being monitored. Yesterday I enquired as to what was happening regarding another members attempt at producing an alternative to LL. It even got a couple of comments. I thought it would last at least two months on the home page due to the extremely busy movement of blogs this website is experiencing (not!) And! Lo-and-behold it has been "disappeared", a bit like other past comments and blogs related to this subject.

Shame more time could not be put into managing the running of this site rather than chasing us who would like a good site to be members of!

By clevertrevor posted in Current Affairs with 31 Comments
What's happened to LadsLads?
What the hell has happened to this place?

Well I personally have three theories.

1. Pray the gay away camps are starting to see results.
2. Gays are secretly being mass murdered by a UKIP/Conservative Hitler that will soon rise to power.

or, the least likely,

3. The website has become absolute pants and no one really wants to use it anymore, because it is absolutely pants.


By seanshine posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
Events Hire in Manchester
I have my first fashion show in October (Yes i know pretty soon) and i need a location for a fashion show in Manchester CC, Does any one know any places i could use or go ?

thanks ;)

By b21b21 posted in What I'm planning to happen with 4 Comments
New to Worksop - Friends maybe more nice company too :)
Hey Guys
Recently moved to worksop to my own place :)

looking for friends and company :) genuine and caring :)

drop me a msg :)


By benrotherham posted in General Stuff with 2 Comments
Happiness and mood?
I've been having very on/off mood swings lately, what does it take to achieve continual happiness? Or atleast continual toleration of the ebb and flow of things?

In short. How do you control mood swings?

By jononotts posted in Food for thought with 10 Comments
Online Dating
So as like many of you guys im a member on Hornet and Grindr, but I don't seem to be having any luck at all...I know most people are only on these apps looking for sex but surely theres a small minority that are after something more serious?

I never get any replies from anyone and i've started questioning myself and my profile... what am i doing wrong!? is it my pics? is it the way i start a message?
or is it them being shallow!?

Heres my hornet... its straight to the point and I wouldn't say the photos were that bad!? -

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By marc_01 posted in What happened to me today with 9 Comments

By chadnoba posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
Dragon Age Inquisition, Character Creator and new Demo.
Bioware streamed the CC and a new demo.

By mikeyboys posted in Technology with 2 Comments
The Greatest Show In The Galaxy?
After 3 weeks, do we like the new Doc? And what about today's episode?

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By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 44 Comments
Muscle Men
Is anyone else into muscle guys?

i saw this and hes so hot.

By bigbadiain posted in Random Thoughts with 13 Comments
who here enjoys being rimmed?
Who on here likes being rimmed?

By sexyirchielad posted in Random Thoughts with 34 Comments
attracted to Fem guys or Masc?
explain your answer without saying "if i wanted a girl ill date a girl" because both MEN AND WOMEN have masc and fem qualities.

dont get smart just look deep and down and give your honest explanation

By martinportlouis posted in What happened to me today with 4 Comments
proper pissed off thinking about this
how the fuck hasnt sam smith been on the cover of a gay magazine yet
theyd rather put on some naked straight wanker thats done fuck all for gay ppl cos he looks decent naked than put on like the first ever male artist that has come out as gay before he got famous
they rly need to fuck off and fix their shit up
fucking hell

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By dipsy posted in Random Thoughts with 17 Comments
What do you do when you wake up
Whats the first thing you all do when you wake up in the morning?

I usually lay there for a while watching TV while coming around.

So what do you do?

By bigbadiain posted in Random Thoughts with 36 Comments
Ghost videos?
Are ghost videos really taken that serious? Does it always have to come down to whether or not its real or fake. Can people not just enjoy a video regardless. Like this creepy Paranormal activity video for example. What can I say this thing moved by itself. Loads of videos similar on the channel as well.

By hermithimfan posted in Film and Cinema with 1 Comments
Ghost Videos
Are ghost videos really taken that serious? Does it always have to come down to whether or not its real or fake. Can people not just enjoy a video regardless. Like this creepy Paranormal activity video for example. What can I say this thing moved by itself. Loads of videos similar on the channel as well.

By hermithimfan posted in Random Thoughts with 1 Comments
Any sites where I can meet other lads?
I don't know but this site seems dead...


By infinitefriend posted in Wants to hook up with 7 Comments
So my friend and me did the smoothie challenge :)

By chadnoba posted in What happened to me today with 0 Comments
Any web expert in Brighton give me a hand
I work with a charity that has a website created in WIX.

Wix works very well for charities as it is basically free and do-it-yourself.

However the site is very simple and to be truthful very boring. As a marketing man I have been asked to develop the site. I want to add several features such as blogs, e-commerce, and ability to stream and make it password protected in various places.

Is there anyone in Brighton and Hove area who can help me - I do hope so. (I know there was a time when every young gay I spoke to was doing web design - now they are not so visible, not that the help has to be gay!_

By hovenick posted in Job and Employment with 0 Comments
Looking For Job
Hey Guys,

Been Recently Laid off from work so am out looking for work.

Anyone know of any jobs for me,

Catering is what im good at but will do anything.

By newquayboy92 posted in Job and Employment with 8 Comments
another vintage Doc Pic
Caption this one.

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By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 11 Comments
This could be possible within a decade.

(Reuters) - An Acura RLX sedan demonstrated an unusual way to tow another car this week: the vehicles were not physically attached. The second car drove itself, following instructions beamed over by the first in a feat of technology that indicates a new stage in automation is happening faster than many expected.

Systems that enable vehicles to communicate with each other have been developed in recent years in parallel with features that enable cars to drive themselves. Manufacturers and suppliers now are putting the two together in novel ways, with broad implications for vehicle safety and convenience.

General Motors Co, Honda Motor Co, which owns Acura, and other automakers are working with traditional suppliers and startup firms. Tech giants Google, with its pioneering work on driverless cars, and Apple, which is working with automakers to embed greater connectivity in their cars, are accelerating the change.

This is a snippet of an article from:

Could this be the beginning of the end to the genre all public owning a private mode of transport?

Imagine if you will, the future of individual transportation without ever owning a vehicle, without ever needing to pass a driving test, no more sky high insurance costs, no more accidents caused by reckless drivers, no more traffic jams, no traffic lights ANYWHERE.

Here's how it's possible, the cars are driverless, they work by gps and communicating with each other, regulating speed and distance between each unit, the vehicles wouldn't need to stop at junction to allow other vehicles to cross their path, they'd simply alternate between each other.

You pre order a unit to turn up at your location at a time that you want, the predetermined route has already been calculated, you step in, seat down and relax, the unit whisks you to your next location and you step out, the unit then proceeds to its nearest next appointed location, when you wish to return home a unit will be waiting for you at your current destination, anyone with a debit card could travel anywhere, anytime, traffic jam free, in private and stress free.

That just leaves one problem, what the hell is the government going to tax us on once they lose the revenue on fuel duty?

By wotaloss posted in Food for thought with 8 Comments
Don't F*CK Up the Lyrics

I made a new video wiv a wee YouTuber called Calum! WOO!

By mrglow posted in What happened to me today with 8 Comments
what will they think of next?
Is this to make farts smell like roses? see instructions on the price tag

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By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 6 Comments
Hey Guys,

Does anyone know anyone who is looking for a new tenant...

Please message me with more details etc.

By lukeylush posted in Apartments and Rentals with 0 Comments
any slim smooth bottom lads or full on subs up 4 fin in newcastle/northumberland
im in morpeth
got Skype kik whatsapp etc send contact info if ur game

By bitop69k posted in Wants to hook up with 0 Comments
The Scottish Independence Referendum
So I made a video for the upcoming referendum interviewing people on their thoughts and feelings.

By chadnoba posted in Current Affairs with 169 Comments
A less serious video, compared to my last one. Just Charlie the pug doing some tricks for his biscuits lol.

By chadnoba posted in General Stuff with 4 Comments
I am interested in aliens and extraterrestrials
UFOS, aliens, extraterrestrials, I love everything I could learn about it.
I have had tow experiences related to extraterrestrials, one was a lucid dream where I was invited
to go with them and it was incredibly real. I wish I could knew more people with similar experiences.

I don't think extraterrestrials are around abducting people or flying in the space but they are inter dimensional and contact us in our dreams, specially in lucid dreams.

Normally everything starts with sounds like an earthquake, later the sound goes to high frequency and we find ourselves conscious even though we are actually sleeping, but we are walking and flying and seeing things in our lucid dream.

I was in my dream inside a spaceship and curiously I was speaking in english to them while watching the cosmos, in spite my native language is not english.

This beens are light and I saw spirals and they communicate directly to one's mind and they don't speak words, they speak thoughts and they are very specific.

Anyway, it's all I want to say for now.

By boyinshorts posted in Random Thoughts with 16 Comments
elephant selfie
once there was an elephant who tried to paint a selfiphant
no, no, I mean an elephone who used a brush not a telephone
dear me, I am not certain quite, that even now I've got it right.
However it was, he used his trunk, and not a mobile telephunk.
I fear I'd better drop this song, of elephop and selfifong

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 0 Comments
Scary Times
Now, I've got grindr like a number of people here no doubt have. I don't use it to hook up with people (tbh I just like the attention and the hopes of a decent conversation).

I began to converse with someone in my area, someone my age. Looked cute things went on, pictures exchanged and so forth. Then I actually looked into his profile a little more and saw "Poz". I automatically asked him if he was HIV+. Nothing against positive people in the slightest, just extra precaution advisory.

However, his attitude to it took me totally be surprised. He wanted bareback sex. He wanted to finish inside people. See below:

It scares the fuck out of me that someone could be like this. I believe if you have HIV, it's your responsibility to end the chain of infection by being honest with any sexual partners and rubbering up. NOT actively seeking out more bareback sex.

By souseiki posted in Health with 94 Comments
Kid kills his own mother then throws a party afterwards

By brabus_s posted in General Stuff with 3 Comments
Oh my

By brabus_s posted in General Stuff with 1 Comments
straight or gay
hi how can you tell if a nice 100%straight gay lads is he straight or gay in the straight pubs or clubs or at the park or anywhere? as i,m gay but i look 100% straight and i,m not out if you lads know what i mean.

By leic71 posted in Scene with 7 Comments
How well have you aged?

I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist. I noticed his dental diploma, which bore his full name. Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark haired boy with the same name had been in my secondary school class some 30 years ago. Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on, way back then?
Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, grey haired man with the deeply lined face was far too old to have been my classmate. After he examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended my school.

'yes, yes I did.' he beamed with pride. Why do you ask?

'you were in my class!' I exclaimed.

he looked at me closely.

then the ugly,




fat arsed,

grey haired,


bastard asked..

'what did you teach?'

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 11 Comments
chapter 8 - a number of goodbyes
So this one is summing up Inodnesia, I was really gutted to leave and even more gutted to have to leave Conrad. Have a watch, some good laughs throughout this clip!

Instagram - @projectsylvester

By projectsylveste posted in Holidays with 0 Comments
Lads Lads featured users?
So last night I decided that I would text in and get myself featured, I refreshed the page several times and checked again this morning but for some reason I am stuck on page 3!?

Are you not supposed to be put on the main page for a short time?

By marc_01 posted in What happened to me today with 4 Comments
nylon shorts
hi i got a mad thing about adidas nylon shorts and it a big turn on for me and lot of time i allway wearing shorts under my trackie or chino as i just love the feel the shorts and i,m thinking about wearing shorts like all the time and not have me trackie/chino on but i do worry about what people say when i,m out n about in them so if you like me what would you do and do you worry what people say about what you wear.:-)

By leic71 posted in General Stuff with 2 Comments
Love of wedgies
Ok i dont know if this is just me...but i really enjoy wedgies! a sexual way. Both doing them and having them that strange? I mean i know it strange but is it much stranger than anything else we do? xD lol

p.s. if anyone fancies sharing some pics of themselves getting wedgied they are more than welcome :P haha!

By georgewite1995 posted in Random Thoughts with 1 Comments
Amazing sexual experiences?
Have you ever had any amazing sexual experiences that just blew your mind? In terms of sex what do you like and what are your fetishes or things you find attractive about other lads?

By lee82stead posted in Random Thoughts with 9 Comments
Hot Or Not
Doing this out of boredom :)

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By blondebombshell posted in Random Thoughts with 20 Comments
shame he was not the master!
He would have been perfect as The Master. I was hoping all the way through the episode.

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By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 8 Comments
Sucking on a str8 guys! Yes really.
I never thought this would happen! I have always been curious about things and so I always wanted to find a guy that was fully str8, not bi and not gay and not even curious.

Well I did, I put out this random advert and this guy applies. He comes to my house looking for my wife and agrees that he needs some relief.

I take off his clothes and suck him off, he closes his eyes so tight and doesn't know where to put his hands! Now you know he's str8, I didn't think this happened in real life! But it does and I'm very very shocked!!!!!!!

By adstilo posted in What happened to me today with 9 Comments
A spider has just given birth on my ceiling.
If anyone needs me I will be living under a bridge until such time as the house burns down or I succumb to the cold, hard hands of death.

By equinox posted in What happened to me today with 4 Comments
every1 on the x factor is shit
music these days is so fucking shit
like no1 has a great voice
the best singer we have is beyonce and she cant fucking touch mariah or whitney
i wish i was around in the 90s when they had amazing singers

By dipsy posted in Music with 27 Comments
Sugardaddy looking for young friend
I am very lucky, I am now a mature guy of 65, but I have been lucky enough to find 2 or 3 young guys who enjoy being with me, for the social contact, sex and of course the extra finance.
However I would prefer to find someone who want to have a closer relationship and who I can help. I know there ar eplenty of young guys in their early or mid 20s for who the world is exceedingly difficult. I am a good listener, I also have a wealth of experience which means I can often offer good advice. Though I am retired, I have a certain budget which means I can offer some support.
Is there anyone 18-24ish who would like to chat to me so we can see if what I want and what they are looking for can match up.

By hovenick posted in Wants to hook up with 0 Comments
Nicki Minaj - Anaconda COVER by Yours Truly

Did you miss me? of course you did :)
But I didn't go anywhere, I was always uploading
Just not on here

By vladguy16 posted in Music with 2 Comments
My music
Have a listen...if you want.

By 55steve55 posted in Music with 0 Comments
we all have needs :)
hey people i like to travel and meet new palaces been a lot of places all ready but lookking to meet some new frieinds to meet up with weather for fun going out drinking etc i live in newcastle any one wants to meet up or recomend any good gay citys etc feel free to message me or comemment

By winker89 posted in Random Thoughts with 0 Comments
Thoughts on drag?
So guy I just wanted to know? What are you thoughts on drag and female impersonators?

Do you love it, hate it, or do you sit on the fence when it comes to this subject? I just wanted to know as it was something i was never interested in until I got a job at the gay bar The factory in stoke on trent I first got into it there and still dress up once in a blue moon for a night out...

what is your opinion of drag queens?

Me in drag!
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By blondebombshell posted in Random Thoughts with 17 Comments
New to Manchester!
Dear all,

As my life unravels in unexpected ways, after having lived in Liverpool for two periods of one year each and another one in Edinburgh, now it appears to be the turn of Manchester.

I've visited the city several times, as it's so close to Liverpool and have been out in the Canal once or twice - I must add I loved it!

However, I did not love it as much as I do chatting with people in a quiet atmosphere. I will have no friends (to start with at least!) hence I am very open about my options when meeting someone, so give us a message, you're in for a reply - unless you could be my dad/grandpa in which case I am really sorry but as they say in French, 'pas interessé'.

See y'all very soon! :)

PS. I am from Barcelona, but avoid labelling me 'Spanish' as much as you can, thank you!

By mcr91 posted in General Stuff with 2 Comments
Only 112 days to Christmas!
Supermarkets already have Christmas food in stock, some had it in late August.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Im looking forward to the "woops" stickers when some of it gets to the best before date in October.

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 7 Comments
Question Time!!
Lets have a more interactive blog post shall we? :)

I know let's all do a questionnaire together! That would be so much fun! - said no one ever.

Let's Proceed:

Question One: If you could go to any place in the world where would it be?
Question Two: What would be your dream job?
Question Three: What is/was your biggest hobby?
Question Four: What would you say is your biggest weakness?
Question Five: What is your greatest strength?
Question Six: If you could do any one thing in the world what would it be?

Bonus Question: What's stopping you?

By cloisterblackm posted in Random Thoughts with 25 Comments
hey, who is in scotland ?? Or has skype ??
looking to have fun, message me ! anyone welcome
message me for my skype or send me yours, or let me know where you are :P


By sam_1989 posted in Wants to hook up with 2 Comments
older seeking younger in south oxfordshire
oxford, didcot, abingdon henley area
looking for horny young guys for nsa fun
can't accom, so outside or your place

By smudgy2806 posted in Wants to hook up with 0 Comments
Bestival Festival!
So it's Bestival season again, my friend pulled out though so have a spare ticket if anyone wants it? OR just meet up there for fun too :p

By somethingdark posted in Holidays with 0 Comments
Trying Something new while dating
I am usually very full on and impatient when it comes to dating and my friends always lectured me on being too intense and too full on. BUT I met an amazing guy 2 months ago and decided to go the opposite and play it cool and casual (not sex like but not watching the phone 24/7). We get on really well and there is definate chemistry there but we have only had 4 dates in 2 months and I want to ask him what the story is but I am afraid of turning back into this lunatic who over thinks everything and ruins a good thing. I don't mind taking it slow but I really like him and I'm not sure what to do?

By d15boy posted in What I'm planning to happen with 0 Comments
Prostrate youselves before the world's greatest living mathematician!
Prostrate youselves before the world's greatest living mathematician! (That's ME!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At least, that's how I feel when I go into a £ shop. The person at the till invariably looks astounded when I know that my six items add up to £6 without the use of a till or even a pocket calculator.

By gallifrey posted in General Stuff with 3 Comments
Do you believe that there is a 'life after death', or is this mortal journey of yours, all there is?

Do you think that once your physical body stops functioning, and the 'candle of life' is blown out and extinguished for all time, that your physical journey is over?

Or do you believe that once the heart stops beating and your mind and body dies, then your soul will leave your body and cross over into the next life, thus beginning a new journey through 'space and time' but on another astral plain?

By soulcalibur posted in Food for thought with 16 Comments
Bestival - Isle of Wight
My follow up to the Reading Festival is going to the Bestival this weekend coming/ There has to be two different festivals and I love em both - Reading because its wall to wall gays (well thats how Grindr would have it) but mostly its good to see so many ppl let their hair down. Sadly the Fridays headliners were a bit disappointing but Saturday and Sunday made up for the let down of Friday. Not that many would have noticed on Friday as the majority were drunk/high out of their heads lol.
Bestival on the other hand has such a variety of music with dance, D&B, Rave plus the main stage with its variety of acts its hard to know what to go to during the day. Plus the Kindergarten factor is eliminated due to the dates of the festival. I'll test Grindr on this one also to see how many gays attend this event in comparison to the Reading Festival!

By clevertrevor posted in Current Affairs with 8 Comments
meet in north staffs. south cheshire. shropshire?
Hey. Firstly im no slag. Infact iv been with one lad in my life. However ;-)
We all have needs, abd i havnt even just met up with a hot lad for a while. And enoughs enough. Lol. So im looking to see whos about n when. Around the south cheshire. North staffs and
Shropshire area to meet up. If you drive. Great. I drive too and so can travel.
im not saying its for a hookup or fun. But hey. If your clean n hot,
Who knows :-D so come on. Get in touch.

By suckyme posted in Wants to hook up with 0 Comments
Chapter 7 - Not the Bali we expected
When we thought of arriving in Bali, we imagined white sand beaches fringed with palm trees and infinity pools filled with turquoise water. All of this I'm sure is the reality when you're staying at one of the many resorts, the rarity for the backpackers of us is that Bali is Ayia Nappa for the Australians and Bali on the cheap is fairly scruffy, inland however we found a gem that is Ubud.
Take a look and see what you think, has anyone else been to Bali?

Instagram - @projectsylvester

By projectsylveste posted in Holidays with 1 Comments
Newest user (ish)
Why am I under the heading of newest user??? And have been for the last 2 months?

Even worse - Why does one of the newest users (also been on here for at least a month) get to show his cock rather than his ugly Irish face?

By clevertrevor posted in General Stuff with 2 Comments
What demographics still actually use this site?
Used to be trolls and teens now it seems to be older and older trolls

By ksumner posted in Random Thoughts with 40 Comments
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