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This is the new beta website, its free to use. Natrually lots doesn't work. They will be working in the next few days. No need to create a new blog about issues you're having just yet. Clearly we would have liked to have the beta more finished but the old website was creating too many problems to keep running, and thus its been culled.

What do I cook for a special guest?!

Trying to plan what to cook as a special wlcome meal for my brother, who I haven't seen for 4yrs or so because he moved to New Zealand and I can't afford to fly there every five minutes! He's coming over here (at long last) in a weeks time and is coming to stay with me for a night.

We're quite a foody family so I want to cook him something nice but I'm having trouble deciding what to do!! Suggestions would be most welcome please.....

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True to form.

 When it was announced that the British public would get a referendum on its membership in the EU if the Tories got elected, both France and Germany dismissed it as "Britain's exit would have little insufficient effect on the future of EU" and maintain their stance throughout all the coalition attempts to persuade the EU to allow Britain renegotiate its membership.Come May 8th and the winds seem to be blowing in a different direction, both now see Britain's exit would indeed have a sufficient effect upon the EU's future, with Greece certain to default & possible expulsion from the Euro zone, 2020 doesn't look too rosy for EU.Now if a prediction it was that I would make, on Britain's future & the EU's fate, the house of cards will tumble & fall, with a bear scratching at the back door, the English Channel will be our shield once more.

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new and inexperience

Im new and still a virgin need the right guy to show me the right things anyone can be that guy im willing to travel if you are, would be better if you can accommodate please dont be shy 

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Freelance Carer Required

Freelance Carer Required

I am seeking an carer who lives in Reading or nearby. You will carry out the care needs of active guy who use Sporty Wheelchair. Will be paid in good rate.

Taking to Swimming (once or twice weekly)

Taking to Diving Course (monthly) And many more activities for example; watching football, going to the cinema etc.

If you are interested and can meet the requirements above, please e-mail me. 

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pride tomorrow any one comming?

Is anyone going to be in manchester tomorrow thinking of going to a sauna is h20 any good ?

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what's the best car cleaning products?

Spent this morning cleaning my pride and joy and it was very hard work

I reckon it would've been easier if I'd been using some decent products, are there any car buffs out there with decent recomendations?

I was using household cleaners such as Mr Muscle polish but it didn't seem to be very effective, I had to do the polishing a couple of times to get a sheen

Been online looking at what kits to buy but there are sooo many types I'd appreciate some feedback on which brand to buy

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Seeing as this seems quite popular - RATE ME!!

I want ratings based on sex appeal only please, scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being low appeal and 10 being high appeal! 

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Glastonbury Festival

Hi. Is anyone here going to the Glastonbury Festival this year? I'm going to be there and might want to hook up some time.

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Loving the new look

loving the new look and layout of the site, just need to work out everything now ;)

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A little bit personal and definitely not normal

Okay, I know most guys who post "personal" insecurity-type things on here normally get shot down with a crap-tonne of flames. So please be gentle!
Basically, for as long as I can remember, one of my "little friends" has been oddly shaped. We're not talking about the 9/10 people scenario of it being slightly larger than the other which is completely natural.
We're talking like a full on peanut-shell shaped "ball".
It's never caused me any problems, and when as part of Sex Ed at school they went over how to check for signs of strange lumps and bumps (they even had little stuffed ballsacks for us to grope, lucky us!) it didn't fit the bill as being something to be worried about.
That said, I've always been conscious of the fact that one of the possible causes for male cancer is "testicular trauma" i.e. extremely tight clothing, getting whacked in the nuts a few times, riding a bike with an unforgiving saddle... And so regularly perform self-checks. I vaguely remember being about 2 years old and using a toilet (I was barely toilet trained at the time) and the toilet seat fell down and whacked me one "down there". Also, apparently one of my testicles had problems "descending" although no idea which one.
A week ago I noticed a new, slightly tender "bit" on the bit of tissue connecting one half of my dodgy dangler to the other half. Seeing as I'm very aware of the problems that this could be linked with... Whether or not it's the Big C, or something not so sinister... I'm going to book myself in to get checked out.
I'm figuring worst case scenario, I've caught a tumour earlyish enough to get it removed and would need a testiclectomy. Best case scenario, it could even be diagnosed as a third nut in its own right, making me wonder why I'm not more butch :P
So, words of wisdom/encouragement/anecdotes much welcome!

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Maybe the Irish aren't so bad after all

Image title

The early indications are that the Irish referedum will approve gay marriage. Thank god for common sense prevailing for once.

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Title says it all. It annoys me. :( Lol. Sqauts don't seem to do ef all tbh. I'm upset! :( Haha

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Turkish Preacher Nutterism - Islamic nonsense!

Ok then, this has to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard today. There is a (questionably insane) Turkish islamic preacher who warns us all that masterbation will cause us problems in the afterlife, namely that we will be suffering from "pregnant hands"....

"The Istanbul-based preacher Mücahid Cihad Han, who uses social media and has a YouTube channel, made the claims at the weekend on the 2000 TV channel.

A viewer said he had “kept masturbating”, despite being married to a woman, and during hils Umrah, or pilgramage to Mecca.

Starting by saying that masturbation was “Haram”, the televangelist went on to say that the man’s “pregnant hands” would demand rights in the afterlife.

According to Hurriyet Daily News, he said: “Moreover, one hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over (their) rights.”

Going on, he said: “If our viewer was single, I could recommend he marry, but what can I say now?” finally advising the viewer to “resist Satan’s temptations”.

Han was mocked on social media following reports on his comments.

One user asked: “Are there any hand-gynaecologists in the afterlife? Is abortion allowed there?”

Image title

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Never seen one of these before

Image title

Gas protescted pram from the war years, what an unusual contraption

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complete ramdom thought

Just looking at my chat bar on facebook see who online and a thought came to my blonde head . How many people on our facebook do we really know . How many can we say hi to And have a conversation and if you did say hi to them and engaged in conversation . Wonder how much you would have in common . ramdom thought sorry if I bored you

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Transgender Disney

this is cool

Canadian illustrator Yue (known as “Sakimi Chan” online) has drawn a series of popular Disney characters with their genders switched. The illustrations are gorgeous and intriguing and exactly what they sound like — Disney Princesses reimagined as Disney Princes, villainesses as villains, etc. It’s the perfect set of images to confuse the hell out people wearing Japan’s Disney princess lingerie.

beauty & the beast

Image title

the little mermaid & flounder

Image title

Image title

cruella de ville

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Hey Guys New Here

Hi Guys I am alex gay 21 chester single , I have Kik inbox me for my add

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Anyone fancy a chat on skype?

Hey, does anyone fancy a chat on skype? If so message me or drop your skype in the Blog :)

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hay guys how are you?

Bored in work if you fancy a chat im on snapchat jamiejstr  kik jamiejstr . 

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What happened to Old Ladslads which seems to have dissapeared of the face of the net?

What happened to Old Ladslads which seems to have dissapeared of the face of the net?  is this just a glitch or is it gone for ever?

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BSL Cover- Jame Bay Hold Back The River

This is the latest song i have covered in British Sign Language over on my YouTube channel. Hope you like :-D


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rate me

guys rate me. no rude comments please
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Hey Guys , New Profile

Hey guys I am Alex 21 , gay single from chester , decieded to make a profile on here follow me chat to me speak soon x

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One Wheeled Motorbike - Let's bring it back

Image title

Or one of these; this looks quite fun! A one wheeled motorcycle from 1931 which had a top speed of 93mph! Any engineers out there who fancy making one?

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hey, who is in scotland ?? Or has skype ??

looking to have fun, message me ! anyone welcome
message me for my skype or send me yours, or let me know where you are :P

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Bored, Skype? Chat?

Anyone fancy a chat message me your skype :d bored as hell

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Rescue Pets

I volunteer with a local rescue centre so I see homeless pets every day and spend a lot of time trying to give some companionship to deserving abandoned pets.

I have loads of rabbits and cats which I have given a forever home to, if there is anyone willing to consider adopting a rescue pet, please have a look at some of these guys:


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Anyone on Skype?

Anyone on skype or snapchat? comment your user ids :)

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The descent of the Labour party

Image title

Unfortunately, this seems pretty accurate to me. Let's hope they pick a better leader this time, one with proper Labour values and the drive to regain power

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A numbers puzzle

I found this HARD numbers puzzle. I have not yet solved it.

the numbers 1 to 13 are represented by the letters A to N (omitting the letter I) but not in order

You have to work out which number =which letter.

the usual arithmetic operation order of DMAS applies. 

you are given the following starters:- B=13  N=10  F=12  J=11

A+BxC/D+E+FxG-H-J+KxL/M-N =66

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what happen

what happen to the chatroom anyone knows

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Eurovision on BBC3!

The Eurovision semi finals are on BBC3 this Tues & Thurs at 8pm! Will you lads be watching lol?

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New Cover Of Riptide - Vance Joy

Have a peep folks - hope you like. Although I look like death after no sleep! New album coming soon if anyone cares haha

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Straight Men Who have sex with other men (MSM) have you guys been with one?

SO just recently ive been diving into the pool of GAYness haha and the different type of guys out there. 

and i KNOW you guys have ran into guys like this

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im bored in work someone kik me jamiejstr

Im bored in work anyone want to chat kik me jamiejstr

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Newbie on the block!

Well hello boys!

New chap on the scene, just joined and thought I'd introduce myself

I am Andy and I'm from Birmingham

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