Welcome Back to LadsLads

This is the new beta website, its free to use. Natrually lots doesn't work. They will be working in the next few days. No need to create a new blog about issues you're having just yet. Clearly we would have liked to have the beta more finished but the old website was creating too many problems to keep running, and thus its been culled.

What is happening (if anything)

Has this place now been abandoned by the people in charge? There is no evidence of anyone in control, nothing works, no updates of how things are progressing. After a promising start, the new look seemed to get a new tiny  burst of life, now it seems to have died completely. I take a look every day in the forlorn hope that there will be a sign of life, but nothing! I would say "would the last person to leave please turn out the light" but it feels like I AM the last person.  

If things really are as bad as they seem I just wonder why they dont just pull the plug, but since the plug has NOT been pulled, does that mean there is still faint hope? If so, just a regular brief update would be nice so we know to hang on patiently.

If anyone is still around, please respond even if its just a simple "I am here" just so we (or I ) can see whether or not there is still a flicker of life/hope. 

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August's DocPic to caption

If there is anyone left here, please caption the latest DocPic.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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My very own Nintendo 64 game up for sale

Had conker's Bad Fur Day for almost 15 years and now i'm giving it away, Feel free to bid if youre a retrohead but it won;'t be cheap


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No pictures showing on my ladslads!

Is it my computermerbob/s or is it the web site? For some reason non of the members pictures are showing? Has some one forgotten to put a shilling in the meter?

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Straight Aussie Guys Explain Gay Slang someone needs to do a UK version lol

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_bibhOknweA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Rent a room in ibiza

Hey everybody,

Me and my friend are going to Ibiza next week but can't find anywhere to stay. Do you know anybody with a room? 

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How do you Delete your own blog posts?

Mistakenly put a blog with the code and its just UGLY lol so how do you delete?

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Was in New York!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/s6MhvxUzYQM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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looking for locals for no strings

35yo top in morpeth looking for nearby bottoms that are slim smooth and under 30 for fun

also like totally submissive slave type lads

and meet a lad in newbiggin by sea regular if any1 wants to join in a 3 way

ps if any site admins see this

i prefer the old site format

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Socialist Party of Great Britain worth £1.3m, accounts show


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Sport Partner

Hello LadsLads.

It has been a while since I've posted on here and I doubt many of you would even remember me. I've moved back to London and strted to go to the gym, which will have my full focus from 18th July. I've noticed that while I've been going to the gym on and off for the last 9 months, I absolutely hate doing aerobic exercise an dwould much prefer taking up a sport over the weekend. If there is anyone that would like to a sport partner in something like tennis, squash, badminton or tabble tennis in the general London area (preferably NW London), please let me know.

Here's a picture of my desperately trying to be sexy in sports gear:

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Skype Anyone

hi does anyone from leeds or surrounding areas have Skype ? if u do and want to chat inbox me me but no over 35 and no over weight men 

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How do change profile pic

hi can anyone help me please How do i change my profile pic. ? the default pic next to message icon i would appreciate it if anyone could help me .

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hey guys...

hey guys,

not been on a site like this in a few years, but decided to finally get back into having a decent social life. so, drop a message sometime if u fancy a chat..i know the profile is currently blank going through filling it all in atm so should be something to read at some point today..

anyway..maybe to chat to some of ya at some point..


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FUN with cam

hi just wondering if anyone wana have some fun with cam2cam seem hard to find anyone who enjoys it or has a cam, any thought and if you do pleasemesage me

ill be waiting

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Lads Trip/Meetup?

Hey all,
Remember a few years back when LadsLads used to hold those trips that were so popular? Well, they've still sort of been going on for the past few years, but since a certain member had a row with the organiser, they've not been held through LadsLads anymore. There is cheap weekend break to Blackpool in March, Drayton Manor in August and a European Road Trip in September.
If people are interested, please let me know and I'll send you the link to the website or the facebook page.
These are not hookup trips.
Here are photos from the previous trips:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Add me on BBM


Image title

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True to form.

 When it was announced that the British public would get a referendum on its membership in the EU if the Tories got elected, both France and Germany dismissed it as "Britain's exit would have little insufficient effect on the future of EU" and maintain their stance throughout all the coalition attempts to persuade the EU to allow Britain renegotiate its membership.Come May 8th and the winds seem to be blowing in a different direction, both now see Britain's exit would indeed have a sufficient effect upon the EU's future, with Greece certain to default & possible expulsion from the Euro zone, 2020 doesn't look too rosy for EU.Now if a prediction it was that I would make, on Britain's future & the EU's fate, the house of cards will tumble & fall, with a bear scratching at the back door, the English Channel will be our shield once more.

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Title says it all. It annoys me. :( Lol. Sqauts don't seem to do ef all tbh. I'm upset! :( Haha

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How bloody long does a message have to be?

For the second time in the last few weeks I just thought i'd try an make a bit of use of the site and send a couple of messages to people who will probably ignore me.

Every time I press send after writing a couple of sentences it say 'message too short'. How bloody long does a message have to be?

If it is the first time you are going to speak to someone you hardly want to write them an essay. I used to get messages reasonably regularly but I don't since the switch over. Is it because people can't be arsed trying to write a monster tome to somebody they don't know who might ignore them anyway?

Sort it out Ladslads. I just want to say something like 'Hey mate, like your pics, thought i would say hello. Would you be up for a chat sometime?' or something like that. Not have to write a 200 word essay introducing myself OR just send a wink. Nobody replies to winks and nobody likes getting them. They are shit.


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Skype?! Anyone?!

Anybody fancy skyping?! Or kik or sc?! I'm bored :/ would love for someone hot to chat to keep getting the old fat men messaging me on here >:-|

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Please Delete Me!

I did a Google search of my email and found that my old profile, !STU! that I deleted, including all the photos, etc came up in the search and that you can fully access the profile.

I deleted that profile YEARS ago and even set this one up later on. I went back into that profile and found old photos, locations, posts and contacts all still on there and it's quite disappointing to see that not only have you kept my personal data, but you can access it through public searches such as Google.

It states, on here the profile name and data will all be purged after six months yet that old profile was deleted years ago.

Please can you "purge" all of my data from both this profile, and my old one?

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HIV/Aids could be ended 2030

UN: World can end AIDS epidemic by 2030

The UN has said the world can end the AIDS epidemic within 15 years, but senior officials said that would only be possible by breaking the pharmaceutical industries "tight grip" on government policies.

"During the first decade of the epidemic, there was very little to offer someone dying from AIDS," Michel Sidibe, executive director of UNAIDS, said in the report.  The key to change, he said, was breaking the pharmaceutical industry's "tight grip" on government policies and drug prices.

Some 15 million people are receiving antiretroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS, a staggering increase from less than 700,000 in 2000. At that time, patients had to take an average of eight pills per day, costing $10,000 a year. Today, medicines can be bought for $100 a year. These medicines keep the virus from growing and multiplying helping people to live longer and reducing the chances that they will transmit HIV to others. 


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Escort ruba orologio preziosissimo a Montecarlo.

Image title

Le escort e le accompagnatrici in Italia, tornano alla ribalta della cronaca locale italiana. Questa volta non per aspetti legati alla loro attività o per la loro abilità come amanti e/o seduttrici. La Polizia di Ancona recupera una refurtiva preziosissima dopo quasi un anno. Ripercorriamo le tappe di quanto accaduto. Siamo alla fine dell'estate, inizio autunno del 2014. Teatro dell'episodio la splendida Montecarlo. Meravigliosa come sempre, la patria del lusso in Europa, meta irrinunciabile per magnati e ricchissimi uomini d'affari che soggiornano a Montecarlo per motivi di lavoro o per trascorrere le loro vacanze. Spesso e volentieri capita che qualche potentissimo business man, annoiato ma soprattutto solo, decida di affidarsi a qualche agenzia di escort per garantirsi la compagnia di qualche avvenente ragazza disposta a quasi tutto pur di essere al fianco di qualche ricco uomo d'affari, con il quale soggiornare a Montecarlo e vivere con lui, seppur per poco tempo, la sfavillante vita di Montecarlo. Queste escort che si affidano a delle agenzie specializzate negli incontri donna cerca uomo, sono solitamente ragazze bellissime, quasi sempre ex modelle, amanti del lusso e della bella vita e che decidono di essere al fianco di qualche "lupo solitario" in cerca di avventure erotiche, con un lunghissimo conto in banca. Le agenzie per incontri di donne in cerca di uomini, sono moltissime in Europa, alcune delle quali annoverano nel loro catalogo meravigliose ragazze in cerca di fortuna. Una delle oasi più ambite per le escort è senza dubbio Montecarlo, con le sue luci meravigliose, il porto nel quale attraccano i più grandi yacht al mondo, il Casinò Municipale all'intern del quale fare sfoggio della loro bellezza. In questo contesto, un ricco magnate americano, in soggiorno nel Principato, contatta una escort di alto livello per vivere un incontro indimenticabile. La ragazza prescelta è una prostituta sudamericana high class, bellissima ed avvenente, senza nessuna inibizione e pronta a soddisfare il ricchissimo americano in tutti i modi, dietro il pagamento di un lauto e profumatissimo compenso. I due trascorrono la serata al Casinò monegasco e poi rientrano nel lussuosissimo albergo scelto dal facoltoso americano per trascorrere una nottata bollente, fatta di sesso, champagne e divertimento. Ma al risveglio, la brutta sorpresa. La escort prescelta per questo incontro donna cerca uomo se ne era già andata, peraltro come da precedenti accordi, mentre l'ospite dell'albergo si accorge che qualche cosa manca dai suoi effetti personali. Un preziosissimo orologio di marca Ulysse Nardin del valore di 100 mila dollari, gli è stato sottratto dalla ragazza sudamericana della quale non riesce ad avere più notizie. Le autorità giudiziarie locali vengono allertate come pure le forze dell'ordine ma invano. Dell'orologio, di cui ne esistono solo cento esemplari al mondo e della escort di alto bordo, non se ne sa più niente. Spariti nel nulla. Ma proprio oggi, la Polizia e la Squadra Mobile di Ancona, hanno emesso un comunicato nel quale si legge del ritrovamento del prezioso orologio che è stato prontamente restituito al legittimo proprietario. Lo stesso è stato ritrovato presso un rivenditore di gioielli preziosi che peraltro, ignaro del furto, lo aveva regolarmente registrato. Ancora una volta, nel mondo degli annunci per incontri, tra gli annunci di donna cerca uomo Milano, di donna cerca uomo Roma e tra le escort per incontri Milano e per incontri Roma, le emozioni e le vibrazioni che derivano da un incontro bollente fatto sotto le lenzuola, lasciano lo spazio a delle spiacevoli sorprese. Anche questo episodio ci insegna una cosa: un incontro occasionale va vissuto sempre con trasporto ma sempre con la massima attenzione. Come si è visto, anche tra gli annunci presenti nelle categorie donna cerca uomo di ragazze ed accompagnatrici presenti nei vari siti specializzati, potrebbe nascondersi un ladro, anche se in questo caso aveva le fattezze di una bellissima e sensualissima donna.

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Dick Pic. sharing

Simple really, best one will be put in hall of fame! 

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Seeing as this seems quite popular - RATE ME!!

I want ratings based on sex appeal only please, scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being low appeal and 10 being high appeal! 

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What are the majority of gay men looking for nowadays?

Just wondering what you guys think that gay men are looking for. (sex or relationship)

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Dick Pic. sharing

Simple really, best one will be put in hall of fame! 

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Osborne's 'Regressive' Budget Takes More Money From Poor Than Rich - http://huff.to/1LTWXSo

Osborne's 'Regressive' Budget Takes More Money From Poor Than Rich - http://huff.to/1LTWXSo

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What is Glasgow like?

Hi Guys,

I've just been offered a new job to start in Glasgow but I've never been there before. Can anyone help give me an idea of what it is like to live there? Good / bad areas? Anything really?


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Guild Wars 2

Hey people

I was just wondering if anyone on LadsLads plays Guild Wars 2 at all :)

Add me - madsadz.7614

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Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has announced a new way of measuring child poverty.

Just move the goal posts


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How do i look, new here

Hey im new here and looking for some friends, here some pics to havealook at 

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No idea how this works - but hey

Hey guys Jordan here. Any tips on how to use this site at all and chat to people?

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Elbow cover

Fugative motel

crude rough recording

Audio and voice recording >>

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